FAQ: Cruising

  1. Basic / Fan Club access to Cruising Listings
  2. Cruise Now
  3. Cruising Target Search
  4. Events Listing Feature
  5. Cruising Listing Comments
  6. Tips for Using Squirt Cruising Listings
  7. Listings With Old / Missing Information or Pics
  8. Inappropriate Listings / Police and Cruising Listings
  9. Submitting a New Cruising Listing
  10. Cruising Guidelines

1. Basic / Fan Club Access to Cruising Listings



Fan Club Members:

  • Fan Club members can view as many Cruising Lisitngs as they wish.
  • Fan Club members can view all Cruising pics, scroll through them, and click to enlarge them in a new window.
  • Fan Club members can view maps to Cruising Listings, and print out directions to get there.
  • Fan Club members can view website and contact info for all Listings.
  • Fan Club members can make as many comments on Cruising as they wish - no limits.
  • Fan Club members can use the Cruising Target search to find exactly where to go and get off!
Basic Members:
  • Basic members can view a limited number of Cruising listings.
  • Basic members cannot view Cruising Listing pics, maps, website or contact info, or print out directions to the Listing.
  • Basic members can use the Cruising Quick Search, but cannot use the Target Search.
  • Basic members can make a limited number of comments to Cruising Listings per day.
For more info on Basic vs. Fan Club access to Squirt, check out the full fan Club feature list here!

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2. Cruise Now

General Info:


The Cruise Now feature is a quick link to local Cruising Listings in your area. To get info on places to meet men for sex in your community, click the "Cruising" tab at the top of your screen, and then click "Cruise Now" from the drop down menu.

This will take you to a list of Cruising Listings in your local area. Your local area is whatever your profile is set to. For example, if your profile is set up in Birmingham, UK, then clicking on Cruise Now will show you Cruising Listings in Birmingham.

Seeing Listings in other areas:

If you want to see listings in other areas, or expand the areas of your search (for instance if you want to see Listings in London, UK) click on the "Try a Target Search" button at the top of the page, and select a new geography to search on the Cruising Target Search page.

Note: If you are traveling, and want to know about listings in another area, you should definitely use a Target Search!

Or, if you live in a small town or village, you should definitely expand your search area on the target search page to get more results!

Sorting Cruising Listings:

Fan Club members can sort al Cruising Listings search results, by using the sort options at the top right corner of the Cruise Now or Target Search results page. You can search by category, rating, number of comments, etc. For instance, if you know already that you are only interested in bars and clubs for this search, you can sort by category to see those results easily and quickly!

Viewing Individual Listings:

The Cruising Listings search results list will tell you a little bit about the Listing, but to get the whole story about what goes on there and how you can get some action too, you should check out the full Listing. Click on the pic, or the Listing name, to view all the info about that Cruising spot.

Clicking on the location in the search results will open the full listing, and give you tons more info and options.

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3. Cruising Target Search

General Info:


The "Cruise Now" feature is a quick look at Cruising spots that are close to where you live. However, if you live in a small area, or are looking for a particular type of spot, you'll definitely want to use the Cruising Target Search to fine the right place!

To use a Cruising Target Search, click the "Cruising" tab at the top of your screen, and then select "Target Search" from the drop down menu. Or, if you've already used the "Cruise Now" option, you can click the button on that page that says "Looking for a specific spot? Try a Target Search!" Both options will take you to the same page.

The Cruising Target Search:

The Cruising Target Search page is divided into two parts: The Quick Search, and the Target Search.

The Quick Search will allow you to run a saved seach that you have previously set up.

You can also use the "Search by City" option change your search geography so you see Listings in other areas. For example, you can search all Cruising spots in Boise, Idaho. All members have access to this search.

The "Search by Proximity" option allows Fan Club members to find Cruising Listings closest to them, regardless of city. For example, if you live in an area that borders several cities, or even other states / counties, you can quickly search all spots that are all within driving distance of you.

Select a city under the "Search by City" section to the left, and then select the distance you are willing to travel from there. You'll get a list of all Cruising spots in that radius, starting with the closest and moving progressively farther out from there.

Squirt is a great travel resource for guys who like to get laid when they're on the road, so be sure to check out the Cruising Listings for all your destinations!

The Cruising Target Search is a fast, easy way to find the spots where you like to get off.

You can search a listing name, or part of a listing name. If you want to find a nearby bathhouse, search the word "bathhouse" or "spa." That will bring up any listings with that in their name.

You can search the text of the listing the same way. For example, if you are an OTR trucker, and want to know if there is big truck parking at the location, you can do a text search of all listings for "parking" or "trucker."

Target Searches also allow you to search by neighbourhood. If you are in a big city, and only want listings in your area, you could search the listings for "east end" or "downtown" to get specific results.

And, you can search listings by category. If it's a great day outside and you want to find a nude, cruisey beach, just select the "Beaches and Hot Springs" category and run your search! Likewise, if you're looking for a cruisey bar to hit at night, select only the "Bars and Clubs" category and run your search! You'll get the results you're looking for.

You can also search listings with Glory Holes, search the newest listings, or decide how many results you see per page.

Only Fan Club members have access to the Cruising Target Search Listings.

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4. Events Listing Feature

The Squirt Editor works with Cruising venues all over the world to help promote places where men meet each other for sex, and to bring additional benefits to Cruisers for being members of Squirt.

From time to time, he sets up parties or special promotions with bathhouses, saunas, bars and clubs within your community. This might be a Jack Off Party at a bath, or an Underwear Night at a local club. It might also mean a special offer or discount for you, like a half price admission night, or a special free locker rental etc.

When these events and offers are available, there will be a button on the Cruising Listing that looks like this:

Events Button

When you see this button on a listing, it means there is a special bonus for you at this location for being a member of Squirt!

To take advantage of this special offer, just click the Event Button. A new window will open with a printer window including a copy of the invite or discount offer. Just click "Print" and then take the copy of the invite to the venue!

The Event Listing feature is available to ALL Squirt members, Basic and Fan Club!

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5. Cruisling Listing Comments

The Cruising comments section is an invaluable resource for any Cruiser. The comments contain the most up to date information on Cruising at that location.

Make sure you always read the Listing comments - quite often these contain updates or additional info that will be helpful if you plan to visit this location.

Plus, other guys or the Squirt Editor will post warnings in the comments section if there are any concerns about this Listing. For example, if there is escalated Police presence or reports of any arrests, stings etc, or if there have been any recent media reports about Cruising in this area, you'll likely read about it in the comments. The same is true of any safety issues, if there have been any recent assaults or robberies at the location, etc.

Comments are also a great place to see when other guys are headed to that location for action! Most guys who frequent a Cruising listing will post a comment like "Hey guys, I'll be there at 2pm today, looking to suck." It's an easy way to arrange a hook up with another Squirter!

Make sure you add your own comments about this listing! Share your experiences or pass on info to your fellow Cruisers. Particularly if you have important safety or security updates! Post a note to the Listing Comments and keep your Cruising community informed!

To post a comment, scroll down the page to the comments section, and click the button that says "Post a Comment Now!" After you submit your comment, you'll see the Listing page refresh and your remarks will be at the top of the comments list.

If you do have important info about a specific location, please also drop an emails to Ed, the Squirt Editor, so that he can send around an email alert to other local Cruisers asap.

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6. Tips For Using Cruising Listings Effectively

Here's a couple of things you can try to get the most out of Squirt's Cruising section:


Broaden Your Search Area:

When searching listings, search cities that border the city or town you are in.

Most people list Cruising locations in the largest town possible, and then insert the exact location into the neighbourhood or directions field.

The wider your search, the more listings you will find.

Add Listings to your Fave Spots:

If you check the location frequently, add it to your Fave Spots list by clicking the "Fave Spots" button at the top center of any Cruising Listing page.

The location will then be added to your profile and other guys can see that you like to Cruise there.

Fan Club members can have unlimited Fave Cruising Spots!

To Remove Your Fave Spots:

Just click on the "My Profiles" button, under the My Squirt header on the left side of any page. Then click "Edit" under the profile where the listing appears as your favourite. Towards the bottom of the page there is a "My Favourite Cruising Spots" section. You can delete any of your Fave Spots by clicking "delete" next to them. Or, you can add new Fave Spots by clicking "Add a Favourite Spot!"

Check Out ALL The Listing Details:

Fan Club members: If you're headed out to that location, hit the "Print" button and you'll be able to print out a text version of the listing, to help you get there.

Check out the map link, and the website / contact info for that location. Obviously, not all places have contact info... There's no telephone for your local cottage!

Rate The Listing:

All Cruising Listings have ratings, compiled from all the votes other Squirters have submitted about that location. The higher the rating, the more other Cruisers have enjoyed that spot. You can see the rating in the search results, or at the top of each Listing. Fan Club members can also search or sort listings by rating to see the best spots first.

If you have Cruised at a spot listed on Squirt, make sure you you rate the listing - is it a great place to get off most of the time? Some of the time? Rate it and let your fellow Cruisers know.

To rate a listing, scroll about half way down the Listing page, to where it says "Rate This Listing" and then select a number from 1 - 5. The higher the number, the better the rating. Then click "Submit" Note - you can only rate each location once.

Learn More About Cruising:

If you're interested, the best way to learn more about Cruising is to ask your fellow Cruisers. Post a comment on a listing in your area asking for pointers, or start a message board thread asking the same. Squirters are always happy to help a novice Cruiser!

And, to that end, Ed the Squirt editor has compiled a comprehensive "Guide to Cruising" that includes tons of tips that Squirters have sent him over the years on how to Cruise successfully.

You can check it out here...

Or by clicking the "Resources" link at the bottom of any Squirt page. The resources section also includes safer sex info, a Cruising glossary/dictionary, and tons of other helpful Cruising info.

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7. Listings With Old / Missing Information or Pics

General Info:


Ed looks after more than 25,000 listings around the world, and can't possibly visit them all in person to check things out. He relies on you guys, the local Cruising Community, to keep him informed so he can update other Cruisers!

Because he can't visit all the places himself, there are sometimes Listings on Squirt that are no longer up to date or accurate. You guys are the experts on Cruising in your local communities, so Ed relies on you to update listings when you see out of date or inaccurate info.

Updating a Listing:

If you have additional information or updates about a location that should be added to the permanent listing, pass on your info for Ed by clicking on the "Update this Listing" button on every Cruising listing on the site.

A New E-Mail window will open up. The subject line is defaulted to link to the listing so Ed knows which listing you are talking about. Fill in the message field with your updates, and Ed will update the listing asap.

Great reasons to update a listing include info on a place closing down, a change in hours or contact info, or general changes in what happens there - IE new security features or anything fellow Cruisers should be aware of.

You can also ALWAYS post a comment in the comments section of that listing that passes on any info you might have asap!

Adding New Pics to a Cruisling Listing:

You can't upload new pics to an existing Cruising listing (Ed has to approve them first) but Ed LOVES getting pics of Cruising spots. To add pics to a spot that is already listed on the site, please include your pics as attachments and send them directly to Ed at his E-mail address, editor@squirt.org.

And adding pics to existing locations entitles you to FREE Fan Club time! So get out there with your camera and get some. (And while you're at it, get some pics, too!).

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8. Inappropriate Listings / Police and Cruising Listings

If You Feel a Listing Is Inappropriate For Squirt:


First - please post a comment on the listing, letting other Cruisers know that this spot is not suitable for Cruising, and let them know why. Be specific in your concerns so other guys can choose whether or not they want to Cruise there.

Second - click the "Update this Listing" button on the listing and let Ed, the Squirt editor know your concerns about that location. Please be as specific as possible.

Are Listings Ever Removed From Squirt?:

Generally, no. Unless it violates our Guidelines in some way, it won't be taken down. Squirt's policy is generally to never remove listings once they are posted.

Locations get posted to the site because men are already meeting there for sex. Taking a listing down will NOT change that fact. Though we fancy ourselves experts in the field, we know that Cruising will still go on there with or without a listing on Squirt.org. Meaning - taking a listing down will not stop men from meeting there for sex - even if you want it to.

Squirt is a great tool for communication - that's what it was conceived to do - connect Cruisers for communication about their sexual lives and experiences. To take down a listing is to stop that dialogue, and with the exception of a very few rare and extreme cases - we prefer to support and facilitate conversation, not remove it.

As a result, if you (or anyone) feels that a location should not be listed on the site, Ed will put a warning on the listing letting guys know of your concerns and encouraging Cruisers to reconsider it as an active spot. You are also strongly encouraged to put your own thoughts up on the listing by posting to the comments section.

Squirt Cruising listings are about letting men know where they can Cruise for sex with each other, definitely, but what a lot of people don't realize is that Squirt is also a great tool for knowing where NOT to Cruise for sex.

Whether it is because of safety issues, community concerns, or because it's just plain irresponsible to get off there. Ed has no problem letting Squirters know if a spot is not appropriate for Cruising for any reason. But, if we were to take the listing down entirely, they would never know that information.

Why Do You Keep Listings Up Where Police or Bashers Frequent?:

To help keep other Cruisers safe! If you know of a police action or assault in a Cruising spot, pass it on to Ed, the Squirt editor. He'll update the listing and send a warning around to all other Cruisers in the area if necessary. And, please post a comment to that listing to warn other guys asap!

Much like the FAQ above, it is important that these listings remain on the site so Cruisers can pass in information about anything dangerous in their local area to one another and keep each other informed. That's what Squirt is for.

Not listing a Cruising spot on Squirt.org where something dangerous has occurred will NOT make it safer to Cruise there - in fact, just the opposite. We can help keep one another safer with your help, by passing information like this on through the Cruising section.

Ed has put hundreds of warnings up on different listings around the world to inform Cruisers of Police actions, muggers or bashers over the years, and always tries to communicate any important safety issues to Squirters as soon as he becomes aware of it. If you have info like this, please E-mail Ed right away, either via his profile (click the envelope icon) or at editor@squirt.org.

Do police read Squirt Cruising listings?:

Squirt is a totally anonymous site, and anyone can join. Usernames are aliases and no identifying information is asked of members when they join. This is to preserve the privacy of our members, particularly those who require discretion while Cruising.

As a result, it is possible that non-Cruisers such as Police might log in and read the listings or message boards. But - Police can and do find out about hot beats (and did, even long before Squirt existed) in many ways. So you should ALWAYS be cautious when you are out Cruising. Remember - everyone at a beat might not be there for the same reasons you are, no matter how they found out about the spot. If you are really concerned, you can always use a Cruising spot to hook up, and go somewhere more private for play.

You can check out more info about Cruising safety in Dick's Cruising Tips if you're interested.

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9. Submitting a New Cruising Listing

Ed, the Squirt Editor:


Ed looks after all our Cruising listings. He reviews and approves all the (hundreds and hundreds) of Cruising listings that get submitted every week.

You can check him out here!

Ed also posts updates and sends out E-mail alerts when there is Cruising news in your community. So if you hear of something important happening at a local beat or if you spot media stories about Cruising or Squirt.org, you should E-mail Ed to let him know - editor@squirt.org. He'll make sure the info gets passed on to your fellow Cruisers.

Why Submit New Cruising Listings?

Most importantly to get fresh meat at your favourite beat. Posting Cruising spots in your area helps other men know where they can go to hook up. This is good for you, because you have new guys to Cruise, and good for them because you'll be helping other guys know where to go to get what they need.

You should also post listings in your area because it helps keep Squirt growing, and helps to keep building a better and better resource for the worldwide Cruising community.

How to Submit A Cruising Listing:

Click the "Cruising" tab at the top of any Squirt page, and then click "Submit Listing" from the drop down menu.

This will take you to the Cruising Submission Guidelines page. Once you have read and agree with the guidelines, click the "Get Started!" button at the bottom of the page.

Then, just enter all the info you have on that location - make sure you fill in all of the fields for the listing and upload pics of that location, and then click submit!

Getting Your Listing Approved:

Ed, the Squirt editor, reads all Cruising listing submissions before they are posted to the site. Not all Listings get approved. To make sure your listing is approved (and get your free Fan Club upgrade) you should follow these tips:

  • Use proper grammar, spelling, capitization etc.
  • Never post in ALL CAPS.
  • Use full sentences that are informative and descriptive.
  • Fill in all fields - include as much information as you possibly can.
  • Include a maplink (from Googlemaps or Mapquest, for example)
  • Upload internal and external photos of the location whenever possible.
  • Make sure that nothing in your listing violates any other site guidelines.
In addition to the above guidelines, there are some other reasons he might not be able to post your listing.
  • Listing is already posted on Squirt - We never want to have duplicate listings for the same place, so Ed checks carefully to see if the submission is already on the site. If so, he can't post it, but might add some of the info you've provided to the existing listing if it isn't there already.
  • No address information - If Ed can't tell where your location is on a map or what region to approve it to, he can't post it. Include specific information about where the place is and how to get there. Addresses, wherever possible, are required. It is important to include clear and descriptive directions as well. Guys have to be able to get there in order to get off there.
  • Insufficient information - If there isn't enough detail about the location, for example if you entered very short answers or one line descriptions into each field, the listing won't be a good resource for other Cruisers and it won't be posted. Be sure to fill out ALL fields thoroughly and with as much detail as you can!
  • Listing is poorly written - If your listing contains too many spelling / grammar errors and can't be easily/quickly cleaned up to post, Ed will have to ask you to re-submit it after fixing it up a little.
  • Not an established Cruising location - Lots of guys submit listings for places they want to make into a good spot. For example, they might want to get some action going at their local park, so they submit a listing for it to try and get some guys to go there. We really want guys to find action when they Cruise, especially if they're Cruising at a spot they found on Squirt - so Ed only lists spots that already have action happening and are established hot spots.
    Note: If you are trying to get a specific spot going in your area - list it in the message boards and let guys know to get out and get off there. Once the action is on-going, re-submit it and Ed will put it on the site as a listing.
  • Private residences - Places like your own home or apartment are NOT okay to post and won't be approved to the site.
  • Private property - All locations have to be accessible to the general public. Locations such as private courtyards / laundry rooms in apartment buildings, or behind gated / locked fences etc cannot be approved.
  • Inappropriate Information - Ed won't post anything that is against general site guidelines, and in particular, won't post anything libelous about anyone. Comments such as "Bob the bartender deals drugs all night long" will not be posted to the site.


Include Pics With Your Listing Submission:

When you're filling in the listing info, there's a button near the top that says "Add Pics Now!". Just click it, and a small pop up window will open. Click "Choose File," select your pics from where they are located on your computer, and click submit! You can add up to 5 pics for each listing.

You get extra Fan Club time for FREE when you include pics.

Cruising pics must adhere to the general photo requirements, and cannot include any pics of trademarked / copyrighted material, such as corporate logos, or any pics of folks who work at or frequent the location, such as bartenders, customers, etc.

The pics also have to be of decent size / quality, portray the place they are being submitted for, and sexy as you are - they can't be of you! (Put those in your profile!)

Pics that help other guys get there, or recognize it when they arrive, such as landmarks, trail signs, etc are particularly helpful.

Posting a Business as a Cruising Listings:

Squirt has thousands and thousands of bathhouses, saunas, ABM and AVS locations, as well as bars, clubs, vacation properties and other businesses that suit our community. Ed welcomes new listings for businesses that are relevant to our community.

Posting Groups as Cruising Listings:

Under certain circumstances, groups an be posted to the Cruising Section. Squirt is committed to providing as many opportunities as possible for men to meet to exchange erotic experiences with one another, so we allow sexually-related groups to post on Squirt. However, these groups must allow for the possibility of erotic encounters between men or they cannot be approved.

When submitting a group, be sure to select "Groups - nudist, bear, leather, jack off etc" in the category field - so other Cruisers know that it is a group, and not an actual place. And be sure to post any/all relevant information about what the group is, what it does, and how to join.

If the group meets at a private residence, please note that personal addresses, phone numbers or email addresses CANNOT be posted. You will have to connect with potential group members via Squirt E-mail.

Note - the group must be an established group with an active membership already in place. Guys looking to start a new JO club at a local motel, for instance, would not be approved. The Message Boards would be a great place to get something like this going.

Posting Listings in Remote Areas - Rest Stops or Laybys:

Select the very nearest town or city that is listed on Squirt. A quick check of Google Maps will show you what is closest to that area. Then, in the "How Do You Get There" field, be sure to add information that clarifies that this spot is actually on the outskirts of town, and give the best directions you can.

Posting an Anonymous Cruising Listing:

If you don't want your username to appear with a Listing you've submitted, you can make it an anonymous Listing.

At the bottom of the submission page (where you enter the listing info) there's an area that says "Should this listing be displayed as submitted by anonymous? IE - without your nickname?" Just click off the checkbox that says "Yes - Post this as an anonymous listing." Ed will approve it anonymously to the site, and no one else will know that you submitted it.

Can't Find Your Listing On Squirt:

Ed approves all Listings before they appear on the site.

If it's only been a few days since you submitted it, Ed might not have gotten to it yet. Keep checking back often for it.

If it's been more than two weeks and your listing never appeared on the site, it means that it was not approved. Ed doesn't send an E-mail explaining why the listing was not approved, but if you're curious, take a look at the listing guidelines and see if anything there stands out as something that might have been a problem in your listing.

You might be tempted to drop Ed an E-mail to ask, but after reviewing about 700 or so listings each week, he is likely not going to remember yours. Nothing personal!

You are welcome and encouraged to re-submit the listing. Ed really does want to approve as many listings as he can to benefit other Cruisers. He is just really passionate that the information be good and useful.

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10. Cruising Guidelines.

Squirt is for members 18+ only. Material that refers to, depicts, solicits, or is posted by those under the age of 18, or claiming to be under 18, is not permitted on Squirt. Any such material will be removed immediately, and the poster's membership suspended permanently without refund.

report post iconIf you see something in the Cruising section that violates Squirt Guidelines, please click the Report to Moderator icon and submit a report post for a Squirt Moderator to review.

Please see the Squirt Content / Guidelines section for more info on Guidelines, or what to do if you witness a Guideline violation.