FAQ: Desktop and Mobile Account Settings

View Your Transaction History (Squirt desktop only)

If you have ever purchased a Fan Club membership, or received a refund, it will be listed on your transaction history. In this way you can keep track of your purchases.

To view your transaction history:

  • Click on “Settings” at the top of your Squirt page.
  • Then click on "Account Settings”. At the bottom of that page will be your complete transaction history. Please note there can be multiple pages of transactions, so be sure to use the previous / next buttons to view your entire history.

Change Your Email Address (Squirt desktop & mobile) 

To update your email address, click “Settings” at the top of your Squirt page and then “user settings” on desktop or “email settings” on mobile.  You can then edit your email address and save the change.  If you change your email address you will need to activate your account with the new email address before you can log in to your account.

Please add the following email address to your email safe list to ensure you get all Squirt messages, and any responses to Squirt Customer Service questions you have submitted:

If you choose not to add these addresses to your safe list, please be sure to check your junk or trash folder if you are waiting on mail from Squirt.

Change Your Squirt Password (Squirt desktop only)

To change your Squirt Password at any time go to “Settings” at the top of your Squirt page, and then User Settings. On the User Settings page, click the link that says: "Change My Squirt Password". Your screen will refresh, and two text entry boxes will appear. Enter your new password, and then re-enter it in the next text box to confirm it.

Note: Passwords must be 4 - 15 characters, and can contain letters and numbers only.

Then, scroll down the page and press the "Submit" button to save your changes.The next time you log in, be sure to use your new password.

If you have a second or third profile on your membership, remember that changing your password will change it for all three profiles.

Cancel Notifications to Your Personal Email (Squirt desktop & mobile)

If you don't want to receive notifications to your personal email you can choose to turn these notifications off.

Please note, turning these notifications off will prevent you from receiving important messages from Squirt in the future, including relevant information about safety or police info occurring in your local Cruising Community. It will not however stop you from receiving some important information like billing receipts etc.

To turn off notifications to your personal email click on “Settings” at the top of your Squirt page and then “user settings” on desktop or “email settings” on mobile. Update your email preferences and save your changes.

Manage Your Privacy Settings (Squirt desktop only)

Fan Club members can control who can view their membership, what can be viewed on their profile, and how they can be contacted.

To manage these settings, click “Settings” at the top of your Squirt page and then "User Settings”. Once there, scroll to the middle section of the page, where it says “Privacy Settings”. Adjust whichever settings you wish to change, and then click the "Submit" button to save your changes. They will remain this way until you come back to this page and change them again.

*Please note - these changes will apply only to the membership you are currently logged into. If you have a second or third profile, you will have to log in to each of those and repeat the steps above to make changes to those memberships.

Change or Cancel Auto-Renewal Membership (Squirt desktop only)

Your Fan Club membership will renew automatically at the end of every membership term unless you choose to cancel your auto-renewal feature. Should you ever wish to cancel your Fan Club membership and stop renewal on your subscription, doing so is easy and immediate.

To cancel your Squirt membership, click “Settings” at the top of your Squirt page and then "User Settings”.

At the bottom of the page, under "Membership Cancellation," click the button that says "Cancel My Membership”.

Please not that there are no refunds for Fan Club members who cancel their memberships. Your Fan Club status will remain active until the end of your current membership term. It will not renew.

After you cancel your auto-renewal feature, your membership is no longer going to renew and your credit card will not be charged again. You will lose access to all Fan Club features. You will still be able to log in and use your membership as a Basic member, but you have limited access to Squirt features.