FAQ: My Buddy, Admirers and Block List

Why Add Guys to Your Buddy List?

Your “Buddy List” is the equivalent of a little black book, a list of all your Squirt contacts... all the hot guys you have hooked up with, or want to hook up with! Depending on the type of membership you have, when you add someone to your list, you have easy access to their profile, can get notifications every time a “Buddy” logs in, you can add and save comments about each person you add on the list as well as add your rating for him.

My Buddies Online

On Squirt Desktop the Buddies Online Icon will show you which of your “Buddies” are online at the moment. On Squirt Mobile tap on the “Buddies List” sort option in the Guys tab or tap on the “Chat” tab to view your buddies currently online.

Buddy Login Desktop Notifications

On Squirt Desktop you'll get a notification on your screen each time a Buddy logs in, along with a sound alert. That way, if you want to get in touch with him right away to arrange a hookup, you can!

Why Add Someone to Your Block List?

If someone is sending you unwanted messages, you might want to start by gently but openly letting him know that you aren't interested. A general "Thanks, but I'm not interested. Good luck!" message will normally do the trick, and is good online etiquette. However, if he really isn't getting the point, or if he is sending you repeated / harassing messages, you can block him from sending you Email or IM messages by adding him to your Block List. Once you select to ignore someone, they are added to your Block List, and they can no longer contact you via the ways you have specified. Either through E-mail, IM, or both.

To View / Edit Your Ignore List - available only on Desktop

To get to your list of guys you are currently ignoring, just open the "Buddy List". Once in your “Buddy List”, click the "Block List" button to the right side of the screen.

Controlling How Someone On Your Block List Can Contact You

Under the username / info for each guy on your “Block list”, at the bottom left corner, there are three check boxes. One says "Block E-mail", another "Block IM," and the last "Block View My Profile". Check off or edit the appropriate options and click save.

Adding Comments to Your Block List

To add a comment, click on the edit button next to his name on your “Block List”. A small popup box will come up. Enter your comment, and then click "Save”.

What Happens When Someone is Ignored

The next time he tries to contact you, he will get a message that says "This member has chosen to ignore you” and he will not be able to send you messages. If you have been ignored, it cannot be turned off unless the member himself chooses to remove you from his Block List.

Customer Service cannot, and will not, remove you from anyone's Block List, or contact / send messages to him on your behalf. The best thing to do is to move on... there are thousands of other members waiting to connect with you!

Removing someone from your Buddy list

Via Squirt.org Mobile
Navigate to the Buddy List filter, click on the guy you want to remove and then click the 'Remove Buddy' button.

Via Squirt.org Desktop
Click on the buddies icon and then click the remove option next to the guy you want to remove.

How does the Admirers filter work?

The guys listed in your Admirers filter are guys that have added you to their buddy list. It's a quick way to check out who is interested in you and a great place to look for your next hot 'n horny hookup.