FAQ: Cocktales

Please note, Cocktale stories are available only on Squirt Desktop.

Read 'Em All

The "Read 'Em All" feature is a quick link into the newest and hottest Cocktale stories on Squirt. To get right to the stories, just click the "Cocktales" tab at the top right of your screen, and then select "Read 'Em All" from the drop down list. To read an individual story, click the title.

You can also check out the author's profile by clicking on his username, directly under the title of the story.

Target Search

There are two ways to search, by using “Quick Search” and “Advanced Search”. Quick Search will allow you to use a saved search that you have previously set up. Advanced Search will allow you to run a much more detailed search.

Cocktale Comments

To leave a comment, click the button below the story that says "Post Now". Then type your comment and click “Submit”.
We want to keep these stories as enjoyable as possible for other guys, so please keep our ‘Guidelines’ in mind when posting, or your ability to add comments might be suspended.

Rating Cocktales

The ratings are from 1- 5, with one being you didn't like it at all, and five being you're still cleaning up the mess you just made!

Submitting a New Story

To submit a new Cocktale Story, click on the "Cocktales" tab at the top of your screen, and then select ""Submit Story"" from the drop down menu. Be sure you read the Story Submission Guidelines to make sure your story will be approved. Then click on the “Get Started” button, enter your story in the text box and click submit. All stories are read and approved by Dick and our team before being posted to the site. Only the best stories are approved.

All approved Cocktales are linked to your profile. Guys viewing your profile will see a section called "My Cocktale Stories" at the bottom of your profile page.

Note: The stories must be original and your own.

Free Fan Club Upgrades

Every story that gets a rating of 4 or higher, from at least 25 voters, within a month of their posting date, receives a FREE 15 days of Fan Club membership.

Dick checks the stories each week to give out upgrades to people who qualify. If he hasn't gotten to yours yet - be patient, he will!

Cocktale Guidelines

Squirt is for members 18+ only. Material that refers to, depicts, solicits, or is posted by those under the age of 18, or claiming to be under 18, is not permitted on Squirt. This includes fictional or historical references - e.g. stories that happened 10 years ago when you were not yet 18. Any such material will be removed immediately, and the poster's membership suspended permanently without refund.