FAQ: Content Guidelines

We are strongly committed to not censoring or policing the information that is posted to Squirt, as much as possible. However, to keep this forum comfortable and safe for all men, which includes men of all identities, races, religions, nationalities, and abilities etc, and to prevent abuses by a few people and certain groups, we have established the following guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines apply anywhere/everywhere on the site, including email or within Squirt IM, Chat Rooms, and for Videos recorded to your profile.

Who can post on Squirt?

Squirt is for adults, ages 18+ only. Squirt is strongly committed to preventing minors from being exposed to, or exploited by, adult material. As a result, the following material will be removed and your membership suspended immediately:

  • Posts made by anyone under the age of 18 or claiming to be under the age of 18.
  • Posts that refer to, depict, offer or solicit encounters with anyone under the age of 18. This includes historical references (e.g. “When I was 16”) or fictional accounts (Cocktale stories).

Please note - the 18+ restriction applies site-wide, without exception, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE LEGAL AGE OF CONSENT IS LOWER IN YOUR JURISDICTION.

Posting anything, anywhere on the site that refers to, depicts or represents anyone who is, or appears to be, under the age of 18 will result in the immediate and permanent suspension of your membership, without warning or refund.

What material is against Squirt Guidelines?

Posts that, upon review by and at the sole discretion of the moderator, involve the following content are removed immediately from the site and may result in suspension of your membership:

  • Personally identifying information: including your full name, telephone or mobile number, street address, email address, messenger service IDs, etc.
  • Information that personally identifies anyone else: as above.
  • Links to external websites.
  • Libelous material - including disclosure of personal information about other members such as HIV status, accusations of illegal activities, etc.
  • Posts offering or soliciting commercial services: including apartments for rent, cleaning services, porn for sale, professional photography, etc.
  • Posts that refer to bestiality (sex involving animals).
  • Posts that "spam" the site: repeated postings of a similar nature anywhere on the site.
  • Email spamming other members: repeated messages to members, or mass- sending the same message to multiple members.
  • Posts that refer to the exchange or use of illegal narcotics.
  • Posts which are homophobic and/or anti-sex in nature.
  • Posts that target and oppress individual groups based on age, race, gender presentation, sexual orientation, physical ability, nationality, etc, or any such posts that compromise someone else's use and enjoyment of the site.
  • Posts or messages that threaten or harass other members, or are considered abusive.
  • Any other information, posting or message that is considered by a moderator to be inappropriate, off-topic, abusive, or not within the purposes of the Squirt website.

Because Squirt is strongly committed to freedom of speech, in particular our right to speak candidly and honestly about our sexual lives and desires, items that may be uncomfortable or controversial to some members may be approved to the site.

If you disagree strongly with something that is posted and allowed to remain on the site, we encourage you to exercise your freedom of speech - that is what Squirt is here for. Post your own comment to the discussion - just be sure to avoid any abusive or threatening comments or they will be removed.

Don't forget that reporting violations to the site admin is a great way to get free time. If you see violations like email addresses, websites and telephone numbers appearing in profiles, message boards etc, report them to the moderator. If your report is valid and results in moderator intervention, we will give you a free 1, 3 or 5 day Fan Club upgrade (depends on offence).

*All of the above content posting guidelines apply to the Squirt private instant message, Squirt Video Chat Rooms, and videos that are recorded and posted to your profile.

For other types of guideline violations: in some extreme cases, posts will be removed and memberships suspended without warning, if the offence merits such an action in the moderator's sole discretion.

What are the photo posting guidelines?

  • The photo file types that Squirt will accept are JPEG GIF and PNG
  • Photos cannot be of anyone under the age of 18, or depict/represent anyone under that age. No Exceptions. If your photos appear to depict anyone under the age of 18, they will be removed immediately and your membership suspended without refund.
  • Photos must be of you, and cannot be of celebrities, models, pornstars etc.
  • You can only upload photos that clearly identify yourself - do not include photos that identify friends, family, lovers, other men, etc. (e.g. - group or couple shots, include only your face in your pics).
  • Photos must be your own, not copied from other profiles, websites etc.
  • Photos cannot include text - such as names, websites, contact information, etc.
  • Photos must not include copyrighted material such as drawings, animation, logos, etc.

What happens if I post something against guidelines?

For general guideline violations, if you post something that is against guidelines (see above - Posting and Photo Guidelines) the following will occur:


The first time you violate guidelines, the following actions are taken:

  • The material is removed / edited immediately.
  • You receive a warning from a Squirt moderator.

The warning indicates why your post was against guidelines and that further guideline violations will result in the suspension of your membership. Your profile will be flagged as having received a guideline warning.

SECOND VIOLATION: Applies to Fan Club Members only.

For members who have previously been warned for violating guidelines, the following actions will be taken:

  • The material will be removed / edited immediately.
  • Your membership will be suspended automatically.
  • There are no refunds or reactivations for suspended memberships.

Your profile will be flagged as having received a guideline warning, and then the reason for the suspension.


Revocation of comment privileges:

If you post multiple off-topic or escalated posts to the Message Boards, Cocktales or Cruising sections (e.g. starting or prolonging flame wars) Squirt admin may suspend your comment posting ability. Meaning - you still access your membership, but can't participate in any public comment areas of the site any longer.

We strive to maintain as much of a moderator-free forum as possible, to allow for free speech and candid dialogue. The above warning/suspension system is in place only to maintain a safe and effective community for all Squirt members to enjoy.

Revocation of chat room privileges:

The posting guidelines apply to the Squirt Video Chat Rooms as well. If you violate Squirt Guidelines in a chat room, one of three things will occur, depending on the severity of the violation:

  • A squirt moderator will remove you from the room you are chatting in, and send you a warning to abide by chat room guidelines in future.
  • You will be removed from the chat room and your ability to enter/participate in the chat rooms will be suspended.
  • Your membership to Squirt will be immediately, and permanently suspended. There are no refunds for suspensions.

What if I see something on the site that violates guidelines?

Squirt is your community and you can help keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone by using the "Report to moderator" tool - available in every module on the site. The “Report to a Moderator” icon appears everywhere members can post to the site, as well as in Squirt Video Chat Rooms, and in the video player when you are watching a profile video. If you see something that you feel should not appear on the site, or violates our posting guidelines, alert site admin by clicking this icon right away.

Once you've clicked the Report icon, fill in the fields on the report post pop-up, and include a note on why you feel the post violates site guidelines. Hit submit, and a notification is instantly sent to the site moderators to review the material.

Note - no one else on the site will know you submitted a report post, it's confidential and only site admin sees the report.

The moderators will review the reported violation and if it violates guidelines, they'll take the appropriate action. Please note – administrators do not respond to report post messages - so you won't get a reply back after you submit one.

A note of caution - if you abuse the “Report to Moderator” tool, (e.g. sending multiple reports about an ex-lover who hasn't actually violated guidelines) your ability to flag posts for moderator review will be suspended, and future reports will be ignored.

If you are concerned about something sent in a Squirt email or instant message, please click the contact us link at the bottom of every Squirt page and send Dick Hunter a note about it.

Women on Squirt

The Squirt website was not conceived or designed for women looking for sex with men. Squirt is a website specifically for men who have sex with other men.  All material posted on Squirt must be reflective of our intended user base and all posts outside of that will be removed.

A note about cross dressers and transsexuals - posts by these sexy ladies and their admirers are always okay.