What happens if I post something against guidelines?
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What happens if I post something against guidelines?

For general guideline violations, if you post something that is against guidelines (see above - Posting and Photo Guidelines) the following will occur:

First Violation:
The first time you violate guidelines, the following actions are taken:

  • The material is removed/edited immediately.
  • You receive a warning from a Squirt.org moderator
The warning indicates why your post was against guidelines and that further guideline violations will result in the suspension of your membership. Your profile will be flagged as having received a guideline warning.

Second Violation:
For members who have previously been warned for violating guidelines, the following actions will be taken:

  • The material will be removed/edited immediately.
  • Your membership will be suspended automatically (Fan Club members will often get two warnings before suspension occurs).
  • There are no refunds or reactivations for suspended memberships.
Your profile will be flagged as having received a guideline warning, and then the reason for the suspension.

Other Penalties for Violations:
Revocation of comment privileges: If you post multiple off-topic or escalated posts to the Message Boards, Cocktales or Cruising sections (ie. starting or prolonging flame wars) Squirt.org admin may suspend your comment posting ability. Meaning - you still access your membership, but can't participate in any public comment areas of the site any longer.

Revocation of chat room privileges:
The posting guidelines apply to the Squirt.org Video Chat Rooms as well. If you violate Squirt.org Guidelines in a chat room, one of three things will occur, depending on the severity of the violation:

  • A squirt.org moderator will remove you from the room you are chatting in, and send you a warning to abide by chat room guidelines in future.
  • You will be removed from the chat room and your ability to enter/participate in the chat rooms will be suspended.
  • Your membership to Squirt.org will be immediately, and permanently suspended. There are no refunds for suspensions.
Please note: in some extreme cases, posts will be removed and memberships suspended without warning if the offense merits such an action in the moderator's sole discretion.

​We strive to maintain as much of a moderator-free forum as possible, to allow for free speech and candid dialogue. The above warning/suspension system is in place only to maintain a safe and effective community for all Squirt.org members to enjoy.