What if I see something on the site that violates guidelines?
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What if I see something on the site that violates guidelines?

Squirt.org is your community and you can help keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone by using the "Report to moderator" tool - available in every module on the site! The Report to a Moderator icon appears everywhere members can post to the site, as well as in Squirt.org Video Chat Rooms, and in the video player when you are watching a profile video. If you see something that you feel should not appear on the site, or violates our posting guidelines, alert site admin by clicking this icon right away.

Once you've clicked the Report icon, fill in the fields on the report post pop-up, and include a note on why you feel the post violates site guidelines. Hit submit, and a notification is instantly sent to the site moderators to review the material.

Note - no one else on the site will know you submitted a report post, it's confidential and only site admin sees the report.

The moderators will review the reported violation and if it violates guidelines, they’ll take the appropriate action. Please note – administrators do not respond to report post messages - so you won't get a reply back after you submit one.

A note of caution - if you abuse the Report to Moderator tool, (ie. sending multiple reports about an ex-lover who hasn't actually violated guidelines) your ability to flag posts for moderator review will be suspended, and future reports will be ignored. If you abuse the Report to Moderator tool in the Squirt.org Video Chat Rooms, your ability to enter the rooms may be suspended.

If you are concerned about something sent in a Squirt.org email or instant message, please click the contact us link and send Dick Hunter a note about it.

Don’t forget that reporting violations to the site admin is a great way to get free time! If you see violations like email addresses, websites and telephone numbers appearing in profiles, message boards etc, report them to the moderator. If your report is valid and results in moderator intervention, we will give you a free 1, 3 or 5 day Fan Club upgrade (depends on offense).