What material is against Squirt.org Guidelines?
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What material is against Squirt.org Guidelines?

Posts that (upon review by and at the sole discretion of the moderator) involve the following content are removed immediately from the site and may result in suspension of your membership:

  • Personally identifying information: Including your full name, telephone or mobile number, street address, email address, messenger service IDs, etc.
  • Information that personally identifies anyone else: As above.
  • Links to external websites.
  • Libelous material - including disclosing personal information about other members such as HIV status, accusations of illegal activities, etc.
  • Posts offering or soliciting commercial services: Including apartments for rent, cleaning services, porn for sale, professional photography, etc.
  • Posts that refer to bestiality (sex involving animals).
  • Posts that "spam" the site: repeated postings of a similar nature anywhere on the site.
  • Email spamming other members: repeated messages to members, or mass- sending the same message to multiple members.
  • Posts that refer to the exchange or use of illegal narcotics.
  • Posts which are homophobic and/or anti-sex in nature.
  • Posts that target and oppress individual groups based on age, race, gender presentation, sexual orientation, physical ability, nationality, etc, or any such posts that compromise someone else's use and enjoyment of the site.
  • Posts or messages that threaten or harass other members, or are considered abusive.
  • Any other information, posting or message that is considered by a moderator to be inappropriate, off-topic, abusive, or not within the purposes of the Squirt.org website.

As Squirt.org is strongly committed to freedom of speech, in particular, our right to speak candidly and honestly about our sexual lives and desires, items that may be uncomfortable or controversial to some members may be approved to the site.

If you disagree strongly with something that is posted and allowed to remain on the site, we encourage you to exercise your freedom of speech - that is what Squirt.org is here for! Post your own comment to the discussion - just be sure to avoid any abusive or threatening comments or they will be removed ASAP.

Don’t forget that reporting violations to the site admin is a great way to get free time! If you see violations like email addresses, websites and telephone numbers appearing in profiles, message boards etc, report them to the moderator. If your report is valid and results in moderator intervention, we will give you a free 3, 5 or 10 day Fan Club upgrade (depending on the offense).

*All of the above content posting guidelines apply to the Squirt.org private instant message, Squirt.org Video Chat Rooms, and videos that are recorded and posted to your profile.

If any post contains information regarding anyone under the age of 18, it is removed from the site immediately and the poster's membership is automatically, permanently suspended. Squirt.org is for men 18+ only, there are absolutely no exceptions.

For other types of guideline violations: in some extreme cases, posts will be removed and memberships suspended without warning if the offense merits such an action in the moderator's sole discretion.