FAQ: How to Manage My Squirt Profile

Posting a Great Profile

  • Make sure you upload pics. These days, with smartphones, webcams, cheap digital cameras etc, anyone who has a computer can probably get access to a pic of themselves. They don't have to include your face if you require discretion, or you can keep them private and share them only with guys you want to hook up with. Pics of you in action, getting fucked or blown, sucking cock, jerking off etc, are always a HUGE hit with other Squirters.
  • Make sure you fill in a description of yourself - indicate what you're looking for and what you have to offer. It can be brief, but make it sexy. Make sure that you include a headline to make it hot and enticing. Your headline appears everywhere your stats card does, so make it a good one.
  • Fill in your stats. Most guys really do want to know how big it is, if it's cut or uncut, etc. If you don't provide this info, some guys might take the time to ask, but most won't, and you'll lose out on tons of potential action. If you have specific areas you can travel to, can entertain or need someone else to, have specific top/bottom/versatile preferences, specific fetishes, etc, your profile is the best place to list these.

See How Your Profile Looks to Other Guys

Click on "My Profiles" under "Settings" on the top right side of any page and then click the "View" button under the profile you wish to see.

Edit Your Profile

Click the "My Profiles" button on the top right side of any page and then, click the "Edit""button under the profile you wish to change. Your profile will then open in edit mode. You can change anything you want on your profile, including your description, headline and pics. Once you have finished making your changes, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can either preview the changes, or save them right away.

Add the ORAL ONLY Icon To Your Profile

If you are into oral only, and want other guys to know, you can add an ORAL ONLY icon to your profile. It will appear everywhere your username appears on the site, just like the top, bottom, or versatile screws do. To add the ORAL ONLY icon to your profile, just edit your profile and check off the box that says "I'm interested in ORAL ONLY." Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Post Your Profile Now" to save the changes.

To Preview / Post Your Profile Changes

If you want to take a look at the changes you made, click the ""Preview Now"" button. If you like what you see, and want to post your changes to the site, click ""Post Your Profile Now"" at the top of the screen. Or, if you want to make some more changes, click the ""Edit"" button, also at the top of the screen, to go back to edit mode. When you're finished and you want to save the changes, click the button that says ""Post Your Profile Now"". This will save all your changes and change your profile on the site.

Adding / Editing Threesome Guys On Your Profile

To add or edit the guys on your Threesome list, just click ""My Profiles"" and then click on edit, under the profile where you want to add / edit your threesome guys. Near the bottom of the page, where it says ""Guys I Do Threesomes With"" click the ""Add Threesome Guy"" button to add new guys to your list, or click delete next to the name of any guy you want to remove from your list.

Adding / Editing Favourite Cruising Spots On Your Profile

You can add a favourite spot by visiting the listing in the Cruising Section, and clicking the ""Fave Spot"" button at the top right of the listing. You can also add or edit your favourite Cruising spots through your profile, by clicking ""My Profiles"" and then clicking ""Edit,"" under the profile you would like to change your favourite Cruising spots for. Near the bottom of the page, where it says ""My Favourite Cruising Spots,"" click on ""Add Favourite Spot"" to add places where you Cruise, or click delete next to any listings you want to remove from your profile.

Managing Other Profile Settings

Please check out the Account Settings FAQ for info on how to change your email address, settings that control who can see your profile or who can contact you, or for information on how to cancel your membership.

Changing Your Username

You cannot change your username. If you are a Fan Club member, you can set up a second, or third profile, with an entirely new username and use that instead.

Canceling your Profile / Membership

Check out the Account Settings FAQ for info on how to cancel your membership.

Updating Your Location / Profile Geography

If you're traveling, or if you move, it is important that you update the location info on your profile.

All searches on the Squirt are based on your profile geography (where you list yourself - city, state, country and zip / postal code). If your membership is listed as being in Kansas City, Missouri, you will show up in Profile and Live Chat results for that city. Also, when you search guys to chat with, or Cruising Listings etc, you will see results pertaining to that city.

If you are traveling to a new city, or if you move, you must update your profile geography in order to be seen in your new area, and to see men who are local to your new location.

To do so, click on “My Profiles” and then click “Edit” underneath the profile you wish to update. Select your new location from the city / state / country and region drop down menus (or select the city/town closest to you in the list) and then enter the postal code or zip code for your new location.

To save the changes to your profile, scroll to the bottom of the edit profile page, and click ""Post My Profile Now"". Once you have done this, your new location will be saved to your profile, and you will see and be seen in appropriate search results on Squirt.

Add a Second / Third Profile to Your Membership (Only Fan Club Members) (Squirt Desktop only) 

Click "My Profiles" under Settings. You'll be taken to your list of current profiles. If you don't already have three profiles set up, you can click the "Add a Profile" button to create an additional profile. If you already have a second and third profile, you'll have to delete one in order to begin another one. You'll be taken to the same membership setup process you went through when you first joined Squirt. You'll pick a username, select your geography, add pics, enter your stats, etc.

When you are done setting up your new profile, you can preview it, or post it to the site.

Note: The password for all profiles related to this membership (profile #1, #2 and #3) will all be the same. The password for all of your profiles is the same as the password for the first profile you set up, when you first joined Squirt.

Changing the password for second or third profile will change it for all of your profiles.

Logging Into a Second / Third Profile

You can log into a second or third profile the same way you log into your original Squirt profile. Just visit www.squirt.org, and enter the profile username for the profile you wish to log into. Then enter your usual Squirt password, and you will be logged in as that member.

Knowing Which Profile you are currently Logged Into

You can always tell which profile you are logged into in one of two ways:

Check the top, right corner of your screen. Right above your message history, it will say:

“Welcome, YourUsername”. Or, you can click "My Profiles" and you'll be taken to your list of current profiles. Under each profile you'll see the word "Status". The profile you are logged into will have: “Status: Online”. The profiles you are not logged into will have a status of offline.

Deleting A Profile

You cannot delete your primary profile. This is the profile you initially started when you signed up for Squirt and is your permanent profile. You can edit your primary profile if you want to make any changes. Or, you can cancel your Squirt membership if you no longer want to access this profile, but you will no longer be able to access your Squirt membership. There are no refunds for Fan Club members who cancel their memberships. To delete a second or third profile, click "My Profiles" under "Settings" and you'll be taken to your list of current profiles. Click the "Delete" button next to the profile you wish to delete.

Become a Featured Cruiser and Appear on the Homepage

Featured Cruisers get TONS of profile views and E-mails from other guys. If you want to be a Featured Cruiser, make sure you have tons of hot pics on your profile that are available for public viewing. Then, make sure you have the "Yes, I want to be a featured cruiser" checkbox checked off on your Privacy Settings page (Squirt Desktop only). Then, drop an email to Dick at dickhunter@squirt.org to let him know you want to be featured.

Profile Guidelines

Squirt is for members 18+ only. No one under the age of 18, claiming to be under the age of 18, representing or depicting anyone under that age etc may use or have a profile on Squirt. This applies to profile photos as well. Posting such material will result in the immediate, permanent suspension of your membership without refund. If you see a profile that violates Squirt Guidelines, please click the “Report to Moderator” icon and submit a report post to a Squirt Moderator. Please see the Squirt Content / Guidelines section for more info on Guidelines, or what to do if you witness a guideline violation."