FAQ: MEMBER VIDEOS (Squirt Desktop only)

Fan Club vs Basic Access to Videos

  • All members can record and post up to 15 videos.
  • Basic members are able to view 1 video per day while Fan Club members can view unlimited videos.
  • Basic members cannot access Video Advanced Search. Fan Club members can search for videos by proximity, username, title, and type of video.
  • Basic members cannot create a My Faves video gallery. Fan Club members can select and save up-to 15 videos in their My Faves video gallery, and get notifications every time a favorite video star adds a new video.

How Do I Record/Upload a Video to My Profile?

To record your personal video enter the "Cam Chat Rooms", by going to the "Live Chat" button on the top menu of your Squirt page and then select “Cam Chat Rooms”. Select the name of the room you wish to enter. Fan Club members can enter unlimited Cam Chat Rooms, while Basic members can only enter one room per day. Once you have entered a Chat Room, turn on your webcam by clicking the "Show My Cam" button at the top of the window. After your cam comes on, click the red "Record" button to start recording your show. You'll notice the button says "Recording" while your show is being recorded. After you are done recording, you'll need to save the video. Enter a title and check off the content in your video - jerk off, sex toys, etc. Then press submit and your video will be saved to your profile.

You can also upload videos to your profile that you have recorded with your webcam, phone, or video camera by going to the “Member Videos” tab or by editing your profile. To upload videos onto your Squirt profile you'll need to click “Upload a Video”. Once you have clicked Upload a Video, a new window will pop-up where you can select the video file you want to attach to your profile. You can also include text you'd like to display along with the video and you have to option of marking the video PUBLIC for all to see, or PRIVATE, which can be viewed only by those members to whom you grant permission.

Please remember that videos must be smaller than 100 MB and should be shorter than 10 minutes. Make sure to save the changes to your profile.

How Many Videos Can I Upload and How Long Can They Be?

You can record up to fifteen different 10 minute videos.

What Happens If I've Already Reached My Video Limit?

If you have the maximum number of videos on your profile, you won't be able to record / save another one. When you try to record a video, you'll see a pop-up that tells you that if you want to record a video, you will have to remove one of your existing videos. To do this, see below for info on how to edit your profile.

Who Can Record My Cam Show?

Only YOU can record your own video. No one else can record your show. You cannot record anyone else's webcam show (though you can watch it on their profile if they choose to record and post it themselves). No one else can record your cam show, nor can Squirt admin. No one except you can record your cam show. The record button only appears in YOUR chat room window, once you choose to publish your webcam.

How Do I Remove a Video From My Profile?

All videos are stored on your profile page, and you can remove them at anytime by editing your profile. To edit your profile click Settings on the top right of your Squirt page and then My Profiles. Click the Edit button under the profile name you wish to update. Next to the video(s) you want to remove, check off the box that says “Delete”. Make the necessary changes by clicking the box next to the video you would like to delete and then scroll to the bottom and click Preview My Profile. Your profile will display as it will appear on the site.  If you are happy with it, click Post my Profile.

To remove videos from your second or third profiles (Fan Club members can have up to 3 distinct profiles) just click the edit button beneath that profile, and follow the steps above.

Can I Edit a Video?

Once recorded, you cannot change the content of your video. However, you can always delete it and re-record it as many times as you wish. You can edit the title of the video, and the tags of video content. To do so go to the Settings button at the top of your Squirt page and then click "My Profiles". Chose the profile you wish to edit and then click the "Edit" button. Under the "My Videos" header, next to the video you want to change, delete and enter a new title, or click "Edit Video Tags" to change the type of content in your video.

How Do I Know If a Guy Has a Video on His Profile?

If another guy has a video on his profile, a video icon will appear beside his username everywhere on Squirt. To view his video, click his username to visit his profile. Then click on the video you want to watch, displayed under the "Videos" heading.

Video Target Search

To find the videos you most want to get off on, use the Video Target Search. Click the Member Videos tab at the top right of your screen, and then select Target Search from the drop down menu. Fan Club members can find videos by guys in their area by using the proximity search and can also search by title, username, most recent videos, or by content. For example, if you love bears and want to watch videos by bears, you can search for videos with bears only. 

Profile Search

Fan Club members can search specifically for profiles with videos - either in their area or around the world. To search for guys with videos, click the "Profiles" button at the top of any page, and then select "Target Search" from the drop-down menu. At the bottom of the Target Search page, under the heading that says "Show Me These Results" check off the box that says "Only Guys With Videos." Then click search. If you want to see guys with videos around the world, follow the steps above, but change the geography at the top of the page to wherever you want to search.

Member Video Homepage

You can see featured videos in categories, by clicking the Member Videos tab at the top right of your screen, and then selecting "Watch 'Em All" from the drop-down menu. This will take you to a video homepage where you can see the top rated videos, most viewed, the newest videos, etc without even having to search.

How Do I Watch Another Guy's Video?

To watch a guy's video, click on his username anywhere on the site to visit his profile. If he has recorded videos for his profile, there will be a heading that says "Videos" in red near the top of his profile, and his video will be underneath. Just click the PLAY button to start the video. Once you have pressed PLAY, the video player will launch and you'll be able to watch his video.

Tech Requirements To Watch Videos

Like the Squirt IM and Chat Rooms, the Squirt videos operate on Adobe Flash technology. Your computer must have an up to date version of Flash installed in order to use this feature. Flash is FREE, and easy to download.

Video Player and Controls

In the video player, there is a play/pause button, a volume control if he recorded audio with his video and a bar telling you where you are in the video. You can click and drag this bar forward or back to fast forward or rewind the video. The videos can be up to 10 minutes in length, but each video will only be as long as he recorded for. If he blew his load for you at the seven minute mark and then decided to stop recording, the video will only be 7 minutes long.

How to Make the Video Fullscreen

Just click your mouse on the bottom right corner of the video player window and drag the window open larger. The video screen will adjust to the new dimensions. Remember - the larger the window, the less sharp the image may become.

Seeing Who Posted the Video

To the top right of the video, you can see the title and length of the video. Under that, you'll see info for the guy who recorded it, including his pic, his stats, and an email icon so you can drop him an email if you want to. You can click his pic or username to view his full profile at any time.

Tabs in the Video Player

Underneath the info about the member who posted the video, you'll see three tabs. The first tab says "Similar Videos" and will suggest other videos that have the same tags as the one you're watching. You can click any of them to play them at any time, but keep in mind the video you are already watching will stop playing so this new one can start. The second tab says "More by Member". If you love watching him in action and want to see more, click this tab to check out his other videos. The third tab says "My Faves". Fan Club members can build their own gallery of their favourite member videos to watch whenever they want, without having to search or sort.

The "Hide" Button

Next to the volume control and above the FAQ and Report options you'll see a HIDE button. If you don't want any of the options above, and just want to see his video, you can click HIDE and the other options will disappear from the player. If you want them back, just click the MORE button to go back.

How Do I Watch Featured Videos?

On the homepage, under the "Member Videos" button, click on the Watch 'Em All button. This will take you to a variety of recent videos submitted by members. Click on the video you want to watch. You can also see featured videos in categories, top rated videos, most viewed, the newest videos, etc without even having to search. Of course, if you want to see specific types of videos, or videos by specific guys etc, use the Target  Video Search. Fan Club members can watch unlimited videos, and can watch them as many times as they want. There are no restrictions on video viewing. Basic Members can watch 1 Squirt videos / day.

About My Fave Videos

Fan Club members can select and save up to 15 of their favorite videos to their own personal video gallery. That way you can watch them anytime you want, as often as you want, without having to search for them. Fave videos appear in a special section of your profile so other guys can see what gets you hot. You'll also get an email to your Squirt inbox alerting you when one of your fave's adds a new video, so you can check it out right away. Basic members can't add any videos to their own gallery.

How Do I Add Videos To My Gallery?

To add a video to your faves, click the “Fave Video” button directly under the video, and beside the rate and share buttons. Clicking this will add the video to your own faves gallery.

How Do I Watch My Fave Videos?

  • Click on the Member Videos tab at the top right of any screen, and select "My Faves" from the drop down list. This will take you to your gallery.
  • When you are watching a video in the video player, click the "My Faves" tab. This will load a scrolling list of all your favourite videos. Just click the one you want to watch.

How Can I Delete a Video From My Faves?

Click the Member Videos tab at the top right of any screen, and select "My Faves" from the drop down list. That will take you to your fave gallery. Just click the delete button under the video you want to remove. You'll need to delete a video if you already have 15 videos saved and want to save another.

How Do I Make My Gallery Private?

To make it private, click the Member Videos tab at the top right of any screen, and select "My Faves" from the drop down list. That will take you to your fave gallery. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "My Fave Video Settings". Check off the box that says “I don't want My Fave videos to appear on my profile”, and then click submit to save this change.

How Do I Stop Receiving Notification of New Videos?

To turn off notifications, click the Member Videos tab at the top right of any screen, and select "My Faves" from the drop down list. That will take you to your fave gallery. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says "My Fave Video Settings". Check off the box that says “I don't want notifications of new videos”, and then click submit to save this change.

Why Has a Video I Saved Disappeared From My Gallery?

If a guy decides to delete a video he recorded, it is automatically removed from any galleries it has been saved to. So - if a video has disappeared from your gallery, it means he decided to delete it. You can always get in touch with him and ask him to record another one.

"User Favourites" Selection

When you mouse-over a video in a gallery, you'll see the username of the guy who recorded it, the title, length, rating etc. You'll also see number of user favorites. This is how many Squirters picked this video as a favorite - meaning that they have added his video to their fave video gallery. If a guy's video says "293 user favorites", it means that 293 Squirters added his video to their gallery. The guys who are picked as a favorite most are added to the "Top Favorites" gallery in the Member Video section.

Rating Videos

Ratings can be viewed directly under each video, by noting how many stars it has. 1 star is the lowest and 5 stars is the highest rating possible. To rate a video, select a star from 1 star (low) to 5 stars (high) after viewing his video. Each member can rate each video only once.

Leave Him a Score Card Comment

You can also leave him a score card comment right inside the video player, if you want him to know how much you loved his hard work. Remember, your comment won't appear on his profile page until he approves it, so be patient.

Video Guidelines

Squirt content posting guidelines apply to the Squirt Video Chat Rooms, and to ALL videos recorded / posted to profiles.

Squirt is for adults, ages 18+ only. Squirt is strongly committed to preventing minors from being exposed to, or exploited by, adult material. Anyone posting content involving or depicting those under the age of 18 will have their membership automatically suspended without refund. Such memberships will not be reinstated.

Squirt is your community! Keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone by using the "Report to moderator" tool whenever you see anything that concerns you. This tool is available on every profile and every posting on Squirt. It is also available in each Group Video Chat Room, and on individual videos. To report a video for moderator review, click the 'Report to moderator' button on the video player page.

There are many ways to report video content that you have concerns about.

  • You can report a chat room where you see a webcam with concerning content taking place, whether or not that cam is being recorded.
  • You can report a specific profile where you see a concerning video by scrolling down to the bottom of the profile page.
  • You can report the video itself while you are watching it, or after you finish watching it.

Note - no one on Squirt will ever know that you reported the content, and you'll be helping to keep the site safe and fun for everyone to use.