How to get a FREE Fan Club Upgrade
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How to get a FREE Fan Club Upgrade

Here are a few ways to support and get a free Fan Club upgrade:

Link to – 15 days

Post a banner on your personal blog or website and we'll give you a one time 15 day upgrade. Let our customer service team know when you've spread the word by sending an email to and linking to your site.

Tell us a Cocktale story – 15 days

Members who submit Cocktale erotic stories that receive a 4-star rating after one week of votes will get a free 15 day Fan Club Membership. Stories must be sexy and original, written by you.

Moderator Reports – 1 to 5 days

Help us to ensure the quality of the website remains high. If you see violations like email addresses, websites, telephone numbers, inappropriate photos, etc. appearing in profiles, message boards, cruising listings, comments, etc, report them to the moderator. If your report is valid and results in moderator intervention, we will give you a free 1 to 5 day Fan Club upgrade (depends on the offense).

Submit a Cruising Listing Photo – 30 days

Take quality photos of your favorite cruising listing and send them to us. The photos must be taken by you, they can't be images found online. If your photos are accepted to be added to a listing, you will receive a free 30 day Fan Club upgrade. If you submit quality photos of both the exterior and interior of the location, we will double the free time to 60 days!

Cruising Listings info – 5 to 7 days

If you see a Cruising Listing that is out of date or missing important information, click "update this listing" to give us new information about a spot or add info we're missing.

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