How to Join the Fan Club?
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How to Join the Fan Club?

Via Mobile

  • Click the hamburger menu button (the button with three horizontal lines in the top corner of your screen)
  • Click the upgrade button

Via Desktop

  • Click the Upgrade Tab in the top left hand side of your screen
  • Click the Upgrade Now option in the drop down menu

Once you've selected the membership package you wish to purchase and the method you wish to use to pay (payment methods vary country to country), you will be taken to's secure billing page. This page is 100% secure and is safe-guarded by industry leading security features. is extremely committed to preventing credit card fraud, so if the information you provide does not match what your credit card company has on file, the transaction will not be successful. Be sure to include your CVV number, this is the three digits on the back of your card above the signature strip, and provides additional transaction security. Your transaction will automatically fail if you do not include this number.

Be sure to include a current, valid email address. Your transaction receipt will be emailed to this address, so make sure you enter one that you have access to. If discretion is required, please use an email address that only you have access to.

Be sure to click the Submit button only once. It may take a moment or two for the transaction to process, be patient! Clicking submit more than once may result in a duplicate charge.

Be sure to take the time to review your purchase information, to ensure that the information is correct. Check the package amount, the price, the length of package, and be sure to take note of the membership renewal details. There are no refunds once the transaction is complete, so be sure to confirm the information is correct. If not, hit your back button to go back and make a change. If it all looks good, hit submit, click it only once to complete your transaction.

Questions or suggestions?
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