How to post and reply on Squirt's message boards

FAQ: Message Boards

Basic / Fan Club Access to Message Boards (Squirt Desktop Only)

Fan Club Members can:

  • View as many Message Boards as they wish without limits.
  • Post as many Message Boards replies as they want.
  • Post as many new Message Board topics as they wish.
  • Use the Target Search and Sort features to find the messages they want to read faster and easier.

Basic Members can:

  • View a limited number of Message Boards per day.
  • Post a limited number of Message Board replies per day.
  • Post a limited number of Message Board topics per day.
  • Use the Message Boards Quick Search, but cannot use the Target Search.

General Info About Message Boards

Once submitted, a posting cannot be edited or deleted. If a posting is incorrect or no longer applies, the submitting user can alert members by posting an addendum to the original message.

The Read / Post feature is a quick link directly into the Message Boards posted in your area. To get right into the discussion, click the "Message Boards" tab at the top of your screen, and then select "Read / Post" from the drop down menu.

This will take you to a list of discussion topics and threads in your local area. Your local area is whatever region your profile is set to. For instance, if your profile is set up in Melbourne, Australia, clicking "Read / Post" will show you Message Boards in Melbourne.

Reading Topics in Other Areas

If you want to read Message Boards in other areas, or want to expand your search area (to see discussions for all of Australia, for example) just click on the "Target Search" button at the top of the Read / Post page. Then, select a different search geography on the Target Search page.

Sorting Message Boards

Fan Club members can sort the list of Message Boards in the Read / Post results, by using the sort option at the top right corner of the page. For instance, if you want to read the Message Board discussions with the most replies, you can sort by number of replies, and get into the discussion right away.

Viewing an Individual Message Board Thread

The Read / Post or Search results page will tell you a little bit about the topic, but won't let you in on the whole discussion. To view the entire thread, just click on the topic name.

General Info About Message Boards Target Search

The Read / Post feature is great to quickly get into hot discussions happening in your local area. But if you are looking for specific topics, you are definitely going to want to use a "Target Search". To access the Target Search page, click on the "Message Boards" tab at the top of your screen, and then select "Target Search" from the drop down menu.

The Target Search page is divided into two parts: the Quick Search, and the Advanced Search. The "Quick Search" will allow you to run a saved search that you have previously set up. You can also use the "Search by City" option to change your search geography so you see posts in other areas. For example, you can search all Message Board threads in Vancouver, BC. All members have access to this search.

The "Search by Proximity" option allows Fan Club members to find Message Boards closest to them, regardless of city. For example, if you live in an area that borders several cities, or even other states / counties, you can quickly search all posts within a close proximity to you. Select a city under the "Search by City" section to the left, and then select the distance you are interested in from there. You'll get a list of all Message Board threads in that radius, starting with the closest and moving progressively farther out from there.

The "Target Search" will let you search for much more specific information. For instance, you can run a text search for particular words or phrases. If you are looking for guys in your area into watersports, run a text search for "watersports". That way you can search all boards in your area for that term, and then read posts from other like minded guys. You can also search the newest messages, and choose how many topics to view per page.

Message Board Replies

To post a reply to a comment, just click the "Reply" button next to the comment you want to reply to. A new text box will open. When you enter your comment, press submit and the page will refresh to show your comment a the top. Fan Club members can also sort comments to see previous comments from a specific user, or by date. The Boards are your space to talk about whatever you want. We try to keep them as free and uncensored as possible, but we also want them to be an enjoyable place for everyone. So please keep our ‘Guidelines’ in mind when posting, or your ability to post replies or new topics might be suspended.

Please note: Not every post is reviewed by admin before it goes on the site. As a result, you might see something that you feel should not be posted to the site. If this is the case, please report it for admin review by clicking on the "Report to Moderator" icon.

Squirt moderators will review any content that is reported by our members, so please report any material in the Message Boards that concerns you, and will check it out asap. It's the best way to keep that feature enjoyable for everyone.

Submit a New Topic

To submit a new topic, just click the "Message Boards" tab at the top of your screen, and then select "Submit Topics" from the drop down menu. Choose the area you want to post your topic to, and then give it a headline. Enter your message Board Post, and click submit. Keep in mind, you can choose to be notified in a number of ways when someone responds to your topic.

Message Boards Guidelines

Squirt is for members 18+ only. Material that refers to, depicts, solicits, or is posted by those under the age of 18, or claiming to be under 18, is not permitted on Squirt. Any such material will be removed immediately, and the poster's membership suspended permanently without refund.

If you see something in the Message Boards that violates Squirt Guidelines, please click the "Report to Moderator" icon and submit a report post for a Squirt Moderator to review.

Please see the Squirt Content / Guidelines section for more info on Guidelines, or what to do if you witness a Guideline violation.