FAQ: Using Squirt.org With Mobile Devices

What is Squirt.org Mobile?

Squirt.org Mobile is the portable handheld version of Squirt.org that works on your Smartphone. Squirt.org Mobile allows you to access many of Squirt.org’s features on the go, simply by using a web browser included on all smart phones.

To access Squirt.org Mobile: On your smart phone simply navigate to www.squirt.org or mobile.squirt.org, and you will be directed to Squirt.org Mobile.

TIP: To access Squirt.org Mobile on your Smartphone faster, bookmark us. Most smart phones will allow you to place bookmark badges on your home screen. Using this as well as the ‘Remember Me’ function for your Squirt.org login information will give you Squirt.org Mobile with a single tap. For more information on how to add a bookmark to your home screen, check out our blog: Daily Squirt.org

With Squirt.org Mobile, you can access the following main features found on the full desktop version of Squirt.org:

  • Mail
  • IM Text Chat
  • Cruising Listings
  • Sort by guys looking for sex soon
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Photo management
  • Account settings
Plus you can take advantage of Squirt.org’s mobile specific features:
  • Browse guys who are around you (GPS-Enabled)
  • Browse guys online now
  • Sort by only other Squirt.org Mobile Users
  • See uncensored pics of other Squirt.org Users
  • See cruising locations around you (GPS-Enabled)
  • See a history of profiles you have recently viewed

Squirt.org Mobile is GPS-enabled.

Squirt.org Mobile needs to know your location to give you accurate search results. When you log in to Squirt.org Mobile you will be asked to share location information; select OK to get the most accurate search results.

If your search results look inaccurate, please ensure that:

  • Location Services are enabled on your device.
  • You have allowed your browser and Squirt.org Mobile access to your location information.
To enable Locations Services on your device, follow the instructions below:


  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Location Services. Turn Location Services on.
  • Locate your browser (i.e. Safari in the list of apps) and turn Location Services on.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Security & Location.
  • Enable GPS Satellites.

Why Not An App?

Currently, apps that contain adult material are not allowed in the App Store or Google Play. Squirt.org does not believe in censorship. We are pro-sex, and we celebrate sexuality. Having to offer Squirt.org with no nudity in the pictures, or having to police what members put on their profiles for simple profanity or the frank talk about the kinds of sex that we look for is not an experience we want to bring to you.

Additional Data Charges:

Squirt.org Mobile may use cellular data to bring you its pages and information. Please consult your mobile network provider for rates.

Squirt.org and/or its parent companies are not responsible for any data charges or data overage charges incurred when using Squirt.org Mobile or any of its product offerings.