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FAQ: Using Squirt With Mobile Devices

What is Squirt Mobile?

Squirt Mobile is the portable handheld version of Squirt that works on your Smartphone. Squirt Mobile allows you to access many of Squirt’s features on the go, simply by using a web browser included on all smart phones.

To access Squirt Mobile: On your smart phone simply navigate to or, and you will be directed to Squirt Mobile.

TIP: To access Squirt Mobile on your Smartphone faster, bookmark us. Most Smart Phones will allow you to place bookmark badges on your home screen. Using this as well as the ‘Remember Me’ function for your Squirt login information will give you Squirt Mobile with a single tap. This is how you can add the Squirt Mobile bookmark to your home screen:

With Squirt Mobile, you can access the following main features found on the full desktop version of Squirt:

  • Squirt Mail
  • Squirt IM Text Chat
  • Squirt Cruising Listings
  • Sort by guys looking for sex soon
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Photo management
  • Account settings

Plus you can take advantage of Squirt’s mobile specific features:

  • Browse guys who are around you (GPS-Enabled)
  • Browse guys online now
  • Sort by only other Squirt Mobile Users
  • See uncensored pics of other Squirt Users
  • See cruising locations around you (GPS-Enabled)
  • See a history of profiles you have recently viewed

Squirt Mobile is GPS-enabled.

Squirt Mobile needs to know your location to give you accurate search results. When you log in to Squirt Mobile you will be asked to share location information; select OK to get the most accurate search results.

If your search results look inaccurate, please ensure that:

  • Location Services are enabled on your device.
  • You have allowed your browser and Squirt Mobile access to your location information. 

Header navigation buttons and the Options Menu:

The top part of Squirt Mobile is made up of the site header. This is where you see the Squirt Logo, and the navigation and Options Menu buttons. On the left is the navigation button. On the right is the Options Menu button.

The navigation button assists you in moving back and forth between certain Squirt Mobile pages.

The options menu (square icon with three vertical lines) is where you can:

  • Upgrade to Fan Club status
  • Send feedback to the Squirt team
  • Access the help menu
  • Log out of the site

The Settings Tab has a drop down with 7 important sections of your account that you can access:

  • Online Status: Set your online and looking for sex status
  • My Account: Update  account and profile details
  • Photo Manager: Access the photo manager to upload photos
  • Email Settings: Update your email settings
  • My Hookup Info: Update your hook up preferences
  • My Stats: Update your profile stats
  • Stock responses: Create and edit your ‘I’m Interested’ and ‘No Thanks’ messages

The Main Menu bar:

  • Guys: Where you can find other guys’ profiles and perform simple results filters to find guys around you
  • Mail: Where you will access your messages and be notified of new Squirt mail
  • Chat: Chat and be notified of new chat requests from online Squirt members
  • Cruise: Where you will find cruising listings near you
  • Settings: Access account settings, the photo manager, update your info, set your Squirt Status, and stock responses

The Guys Tab:

The Guys Tab is where you can find other Squirt Members. This is where you can see guys around you who are nearby, see who from your Buddy list is online and more. All results are sorted by distance, with the closest users to you showing first.

List vs. Grid view:

The Guys Tab will show you two views: List and Grid. You can toggle between views using the toggle at the top right-hand side of the page.

Online vs. Offline:

Online members on Squirt Mobile will show a green dot at the corner of their image thumbnail. If you see this it means that the user is online or has been recently. Send him a message or start a chat with him. If he’s online, he will probably get back right away.

Quick Filters:

  • All Guys: Shows you all guys who are on squirt.
  • All Guys Online: Shows you guys who are online. Both on Squirt Mobile, as well as Squirt Desktop.
  • Guys Looking For Sex Soon: Shows you guys who have set their Squirt Status to be looking for sex soon.
  • Mobile Guys Online: Shows you only online guys who are on Squirt Mobile desktop users are not shown.
  • Buddy List: Shows you guys who are on your Buddy List.
  • Viewed By: Shows you guys who have viewed your Squirt Profile.
  • New Guys: Shows you guys who have recently joined Squirt.
  • Recently Viewed: Shows you a history of guys whose profiles you have recently visited.

The Mail Tab:

This where you go to read your Squirt Mail messages. You will see a number if you have a new message in your Squirt mail. There is a menu at the top of the main page for this section to choose which messages you would like to see. Tapping any of these will allow you to view each type of message. Each Squirt message in the Mail list shows the member name of the guy who sent the message, the message subject and the how long ago it was sent.

When you open a mail message you will see that we have provided you with a number of shortcuts to get you hooking up faster. From the Squirt Mail message page, below the message body you will find buttons that allow you to Block, Chat, or Add the Member to your Buddy List.

The Chat Tab:

The Chat Tab is where you can chat via Instant Message with other Squirt Members. Chats are shown much the same way as the Squirt Mail messages are, with the member image to the left, and the chat message to the right. IM Chats on Squirt Mobile do not have subject lines.

Online Buddies and Guys looking for sex:

Below your chats you will see two sections: Online buddies and Guys looking for sex. Both of these sections serve as shortcuts for you to chat with other guys online. If you don't have any buddies online, you will not see the Online Buddies section.

The Cruise Tab:

  • The Cruise Tab is where you can access Squirt’s Cruising Listings. All Cruising Listings are sorted by the listings that are nearest to you first. After you have tapped the Cruising tab, at the top of the Cruising main page, you will see a menu where you can switch your results.
  • Nearby Listings.
  • Favorite Listings.
  • Recently Updated Listings.
  • Tapping on a listing will take you to the Cruising Listing Page for that location.

Cruising Listings:

The Cruising Listings page is where you can find information about Squirt Cruising Listings, pictures of the listing, and comments that other members have made about the listing.

Cruising Info & Comments:

Each page shows the comments view first, so that you can see very quickly what the latest news about the listing is. To get to the Cruising Listing information itself, you must tap the info tab, located at the top of the Cruising Listings Page. The Info section of the Squirt Mobile Cruising Listing Page is where you can see all of the information about each listing. You will also find tools that let you add the listing to your faves, pull up a map of the location area, as well as ways to subscribe to updates about the location, or add an update to the location info.

Commenting on a Cruising Listing:

To comment on a Cruising Listing page: Simply type your comment into the comment field and tap ‘Post Comment and your comment will be added to the listing.

Why Not An App?

Currently, apps that contain adult material are not allowed in the App Store or Google Play. Squirt does not believe in censorship. We are pro-sex, and we celebrate sexuality. Having to offer Squirt with no nudity in the pictures, or having to police what members put on their profiles for simple profanity or the frank talk about the kinds of sex that we look for is not an experience we want to bring to you.

Additional Data Charges:

Squirt Mobile may use cellular data to bring you its pages and information. Please consult your mobile network provider for rates.

Squirt and / or its parent companies are not responsible for any data charges or data overage charges incurred when using Squirt Mobile or any of its product offerings.