How To Set Your Photo Permissions
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How To Set Your Photo Permissions

Private photos are photos guys have uploaded to their profile that remain private (unviewable) unless he gives access to specific members to see them. This is called "releasing" his private photos. This is a great tool, especially if you require some discretion.

Once you have received permission to view another guy's private photos, you will be able to view them for the next 7 days. Same is true when you release permission to someone else to view your private photos, they will be able to see your private photos for the next 7 days after permission is granted.

To share your private photos with other guys:

  1. Click the "Mail" button next to his picture on his profile.
  2. A new Email window will open up - check off the checkbox that says "Share my private photos with this member".
  3. Click Send. A message will now be sent to the user with a link to view your private photos.

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