How to search, find and view profiles from guys you like

FAQ: Profile Features

Squirt Mobile

Guys Online

Online members are shown on the homepage of Squirt Mobile; starting with those closest to you. By selecting “Guys “ button at the top of Squirt Mobile you'll be able to see guys based what you are looking for. You can also filter your search for guys using the drop down menu at the top of the “Guys “ area.

Viewing Profiles

You can find profiles on the Home page or the “Guys “ area of Squirt Mobile. Click the picture of the guy you want to check out.In addition you can check out another guy's profile by clicking on the thumbnail of their profile pic anywhere that appears throughout Squirt Mobile.

Squirt Desktop

Live Chat (Guys Online)

In the “Live Chat” menu on Squirt Desktop the “Chat Now” feature will show you guys that are currently online that you can IM with or send messages to. To initiate a chat with someone, click the chat icon next to their username. To search for guys in another area, click “Target Search “ from the Live Chat menu, and change your search area.


In the Profiles menu on Squirt Desktop the “See 'Em All” feature is a quick search of guys in your local area. To dive right into viewing profiles of hot men nearest to you, click the “Profiles “ tab at the top of your screen, and then select “See 'Em All “ from the drop down menu. This will take you right to a list of profiles for men in your local area. Your local area is whatever your profile is set to. For example, if your profile is set up in Buffalo, New York, clicking See 'Em All will show you profiles for other guys in Buffalo.

Seeing Guys in Other Areas

If you want to see guys in another area, or want to expand your search click on the “Target Search “ button and select a different search geography on the Target Search page.

Sorting Profiles

Fan Club members can sort the list of profiles they see in their results, by using the sort options just above the list of guys on the page. For instance, if you know you're looking for a guy with an uncut cock, you can sort the results by cut or uncut to see the guys you want most at the top of your list.

Profile Stats Cards

The profiles are displayed by their stats card. A stats card is a mini-profile that tells you some hot info about the member. You can see his age, cock size, whether he's a top or bottom, and a lot of other helpful info, to know if you want to check him out more, as well as a thumbnail view of his profile pic.

Screw Icons

Profile stats cards also have a top, bottom or versatile icon, in a shape of a screw, in the top right corner to show their preference. If there is no icon on his profile stats card, it means he has selected “Rather not say “ and you'll have to get in touch to ask him how he likes it.

Oral Only Icon

If he is interested in oral only, look for the oral only icon that is in a shape of a circle.

Target Profile Search Basic Info

The See 'Em All feature is great if you want to take a quick look at profiles of other hot guys but if you're looking for a particular kind of guy, you'll definitely want to use a Target Search. To access the Target Search, click the “Profiles “ tab at the top of your screen, and then select the “Target Search “ from the drop down list. Or, if you've already used the See 'Em All feature, you can click the button that says “Looking for someone specific? Try a target search! “ Both options take you to the Target Search page.

The Target Search page is divided into two parts, the “Profile Quick Search” at the top, and the “Profile Target Search” at the bottom.

The “Quick Search “ will allow you to run a saved search that you have previously set up. You can also use the “Search by City “ option to change your search geography so you see guys in other areas.

The “Search For Guys Near Me “ option allows Fan Club members to find the guys who are closest to them using their zip or postal code. Just select the distance you are willing to travel, and you'll get a list of guys in that range. For convenience, the zip/postal code you entered on your profile is the default for your proximity searches. Simply select the range you want to search,e.g. 1 mile/km, 10 miles/km, etc, and hit search. That will show you the guys who are closest to you.

If you haven't entered a correct zip/postal code on your profile page, you will NOT appear in the searches that other guys run, and no one will find you with this search. Be sure to enter/update your zip/postal code with correct, up to date info, so you appear in proximity search results.

Finding Guys With Target Search

The Profiles Target Search is most comprehensive and effective search for finding the exact type of guy you want. It will allow you to find exactly the guy you want to hook up with on Squirt quickly and easily. Only Fan Club members have access to the “Profile Target Search” feature.

You can find a guy by his username by using the username search, or go on to find guys based on their stats. You can search guys by age, position, cock size, height/weight, body type and body hair, how they identify, or when / where / how they like to do it. Just select the criteria that gets you hot, and hit search.

Searching Only Guys With Pics

If checking out pics before hooking up is important to you, search for only guys with pics in their profile. Scroll to the bottom of the Target Search and check off “Only Guys With Photos “ and then run your search. You'll only see members who have pics to check out.

Other Search Options

In the Target Search, you can also decide to view only the newest Squirt members. If you want to see the freshest meat on the site, scroll to the bottom of the Target Search, and next to “Newest Guys “ you can select guys who have been members for the last day, week, month etc.

You can also control how many guys you see per page in your search results. If you want to see 5 guys per page, or 25, it's your choice. Just select anything between 5 - 25 guys per page next to the “Guys Per Page “ option.

How Do I Know If a Guy Has a Video on His Profile?

If another guy has a video on his profile, a video icon will appear beside his username everywhere on Squirt. To view his video/s, click his username to visit his profile. Then click on the video you want to watch, displayed under the “Videos “ heading.

Searching For Guys With Videos

Fan Club members can search specifically for profiles with videos, either in their area or around the world. To search for guys with videos, click the “Profiles “ button at the top of any page, and then select “Target Search “ from the drop down menu. At the bottom of the Target Search page, under the heading that says “Show Me These Results “ check off the box that says “Only Guys With Videos”. Then click search.

How Many Videos Can I Watch?

Fan Club members can watch unlimited videos, and can watch them as many times as they want. There are no restrictions on video viewing. Basic Members can watch 1 Squirt video / day.

Rating Videos

All videos can be rated by members who view them. If you got off on his video, let him know by giving it a high rating. The highest rated videos (combination of rating + number of votes) get showcased in the Featured Video Gallery and shown on the homepage for guys all over the world to watch. Dick doesn’t select the featured videos. YOU do. Squirt members select the videos in the Gallery by voting on them. So vote for your favorites and get them into the gallery. To rate a video, select a star from 1 star (low) to 5 stars (high) after viewing his video. Each member can rate each video only once.

Profile Guidelines

Squirt is for members 18+ only. No one under the age of 18, or representing / depicting etc anyone under that age may use or have a profile on Squirt at any time. This applies to profile photos as well. Doing so will result in immediate, permanent suspension of your membership without refund. If you see a profile that violates Squirt guidelines, please click the “Report to Moderator” button and submit a report post to a Squirt moderator. Please see the Squirt Content / Guidelines section for more info on Guidelines, or what to do if you witness a guideline violation.