Sex Preferences
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Sex Preferences

The sex preferences available on profiles are designed to reflect the changing landscape of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections – STIs – and the options available to us all in terms of managing and maintaining our health.

The following sex preferences are available on Desktop & Mobile:

  • - Condoms - a sheath worn over the penis to provide a physical barrier to infection.
  • - PrEP - pills taken to prevent HIV.
  • - PrEP and Condoms - taking pills and using condoms to prevent HIV and other STIs.
  • - TasP - you have HIV but are undetectable and can’t transmit the virus to anyone else.
  • - TasP and Condoms - HIV untransmittable and using condoms to prevent other STIs.
  • - Let's Talk - Encourages a conversation about sexual health.
  • - Rather Not Say - Not keen to discuss sexual health.