See who is looking at your profile

FAQ: Recently Viewed

Fan club members have unlimited access to the “Recently Viewed” feature. It is the icon with the eye on it on Squirt Desktop and on Squirt Mobile you can see your view the “Viewed by” filter in the guys section. It shows you a complete list of the last 50 guys who have viewed your profile. It's a great way to know who has been checking you out, and to check them out too.

Your “Recently Viewed” list shows you the other guy's stats card, including his pic, all his stats, and his profile headline. You can also check the top right corner of each stats card for a quick visual indicator of whether he is a top, bottom, or versatile. You can click his username or pic in your “Recently Viewed” list to check his profile out too. It also shows you the last time he viewed your profile by date and time, along with how many times he has looked at your profile in the last 7 days. It's a great way to know if you have an admirer.

Every time a guy looks at you, he is added to the very top of your “Recently Viewed” list, so the newest guys to check you out are always on the top of the list. The list will keep getting longer and longer until 50 guys have viewed your profile. After that, the 50th guy will drop off the bottom of the list when a new guy views your profile.

Each guy will only appear on your Recently Viewed list once. If he looks at your profile multiple times, he won't appear on the list more than once. Instead the "# of views/7days" will continue to grow, telling you how many times that guy has viewed your profile in the last week.