FAQ: Score Card

What are Squirt Score Cards?
Every profile on Squirt (Desktop only) has a Score Card section. It’s an area where other guys can post comments about you for other guys to see. Sort of like a "testimonials" section.

You can also leave Score Card comments for other Squirters. Whatever you like about another Squirter, leave a Score Card comment on his profile to let him, and everybody else, know he is great.

Comments don’t get posted to your profile immediately. You get to approve the comments that appear on your profile before anyone else can see them. Approve the comments you like, and delete the ones you don't. You have full control, as always, over everything that appears on your profile.

Keep in mind - other Squirters who view his profile will be able to read what you post. So, if it is a message you want only he to see be sure to send it to him an email instead of posting it on his Score Card. You can send him an email by clicking the Mail button at the top of the page.

Why Read / Leave Score Card Comments?

Reading Score Card comments is a great way to tell who is really serious about hooking up. We all know that some guys like to look but not touch. They will make plans to meet and then never show. Or just constantly email back and forth. So, if you arrange a hook up with someone and he shows, and you guys have a hot session, leave a comment on his Score Card for other guys to see. When he has a number of Score Card comments on his profile, all saying that he showed up and had a hot time with other Squirters, it is a great way to tell who is serious from who isn't.  So be sure to check out the Score Card section on his profile to see what other Squirters have said.

Keep in mind, if he doesn't have many comments, he might be new to the site or just really selective about who he hooks up with. Or it might be that not many of his hook ups have logged in to leave a Score Card comment. It shouldn't deter you from getting in touch.

Ask the guys you hook up with to leave Score Card comments on your profile. If you guys had a hot time, ask him to post a comment on your Score Card for other guys to see. The more Score Card comments you have, the more other guys will see you are up for a good time and get in touch.

How to Leave a Score Card Comment For Another Squirter?

If you want to leave a comment on his Score Card, click his username then select "View Profile." Once you're on his profile page, scroll down below his Hook Up Info, to where it says "Score Card." Enter your comment in the text box, and then click post. You'll get a pop up message reminding you that you won't see your comment appear on his profile until he approves it.
After you've posted your Score Card comment, he'll automatically get an email saying he has received a new Score Card comment. The email will contain the message you posted to his profile. He can then approve it (so it will appear on his profile) or delete it. If he approves it, you'll get an email back saying he has approved it, including a link to his profile to check out your comment.

What If Another Squirter Posts a Score Card Comment on Your Profile?
If another Squirter posts a Score Card comment on your profile you'll automatically get an email saying you have a new Score Card comment. The email will contain the message they posted for your Score Card. No one will see it until you have reviewed and approved it to appear on your profile. This gives you control over which comments are seen, but it also means you have to approve them if you want them on your profile page. If you want it to show up when other guys look at your profile, click the APPROVE button. If you don't want it on your profile, just click the REJECT button.

Managing / Editing Score Card Comments
If you change your mind, and you want to remove a Score Card comment from your profile that you previously approved, you can do so at any time.

To edit any of the Score Card comments that appear on your profile page, click "My Profiles" under “Settings” at the top of your Squirt page. Then click "Manage My Score Card". This will take you to a page listing all the Score Card comments for your profile.

If you haven't approved it to appear on your profile yet, there will be "Approve" and "Reject" buttons there. To approve it, click approve. To delete it, click Reject.

If you had already approved it to your profile, you'll see a "Delete" button. If you want to remove it from your profile, just click "Delete" and it will be removed from your profile. Remember that once you click delete, the comment is removed from your profile permanently. You can't get it back, so be sure before you delete it. You can't edit the comment itself, it has to stay the way he posted it. You can either approve or delete it from your profile, but you can't change what it says.

Basic and Fan Club Access to Score Cards
All Squirters, Basic and Fan Club, have Score Card sections on their profiles and everyone can post, or receive, Score Card comments.

Fan Club members can post Score Card comments for anyone on Squirt and anyone on the site can post Score Card comments for them. There is no limit to how many comments Fan Club members can post or receive from other guys.

Basic members can post Score Card comments, however they contribute to their 5 email limit for the day.

Blocking Guys From Posting Score Card Comments on Your Profile

If you don't want a specific Squirter to post comments on your Score Card, that's fine. Just visit his profile and add him to your “Ignore List” by clicking the "Block" button on the bottom of his profile page. As long as he is on your block list, he won't be able to view your profile, and as a result, will not be able to submit comments to your Score Card.

Score Card Posting Guidelines

The same posting guidelines that apply to the rest of the site apply in the Score Card section. If you post something in a Score Card comment that violates guidelines, your membership may be suspended. If you see something in a Score Card comment that concerns you, click the “Report Post to Moderator” icon. A moderator will review the comment.