What to do when you can’t log in on Squirt.org

FAQ: Tech Specifications and Requirements for Using Squirt.org

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers
In an effort to keep Squirt.org up-to-date and introduce new features, certain devices, operating systems and browsers will not be supported. Please contact Customer Service for the updated list. 

Flash Media Player and Squirt Chat
Squirt Chat is a Flash based Instant Messenger, which provides truly "Instant" instant messaging, as well as additional features such as Group Video Chat Rooms. In order to fully utilize this feature, your version of the Flash Player, a free browser plug-in available at adobe.com, must be up to date, and properly installed.

You can get the free download here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer

If you're having difficulty getting your Flash player to work, please see the Adobe Flash Player Help Page. Please also see the "Firewall" section below for information on using Flash from behind a firewall. 

Firewalls and Security / Anti-Virus Tools
Firewalls are excellent methods of protecting your computer from malicious software, such as adware, or viruses. However, it can also prevent you from using software you want to use, such as Squirt Chat or Group Video Chat Rooms. Flash must be set as a trusted application on your firewall, or it will be prevented from operating. The ports assigned to Flash, 1935 and 1111, must also be open, in order for Flash to operate properly. If you're unsure how to open these ports, please consult the documentation that came with your firewall software, or speak with your network manager.

Unfortunately, most corporate or office environments have firewalls that specifically block flash applications. If you work in such an environment, you might not be able to access Squirt Chat or Video Chat Rooms from your work machine.

Antivirus is perhaps the most common tool we all use to protect our computers from malicious software. But like the firewall, this too can be set to prohibitively high levels, preventing you from accessing software and sites you wish to access. If your antivirus is set too high, it will not allow your computer to enter the encrypted password for your Squirt login, and you will not be able to login. 

Pop-Up Blockers
Most browsers today come with pop up blockers built in, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and others. What's more, most downloadable toolbar plug-ins, such as the popular Google Toolbar, the Yahoo toolbar, and a whole host of others, all include built in pop up blocking functionality as well. Some Antivirus and firewall software will also include pop blocking as an added feature. As such, there can sometimes be multiple pop up blockers working on your system at any one time. These can have a drastic effect on your surfing experience, for instance, you might miss some Squirt windows that are not able to pop open, such as message notifications, chat rooms, etc. To help with this, you may want to make sure that only one pop up blocker is working at any one time. You'll also need to make sure that the web address www.squirt.org has been added to the safe sites list of any active pop up blocker's on your computer. 

Screen Resolution
Squirt is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or larger. 

Receiving Squirt Emails
Squirt sends important information to your personal email address, the one you used when you signed up for your Squirt membership, such as activation links, forgotten passwords, notifications of new messages, auto-notifies you have signed up for, etc. Unfortunately, some email service providers automatically filter Squirt emails to your junk or trash folders if they don't recognize the sender. We suggest setting up a free email with a service like Gmail (www.gmail.com) or Yahoo (www.yahoo.com) as these tend to be a bit more reliable. Whether or not you join up with one of these free services, it is very important to add the following email address to your email safe list to ensure you get all Squirt messages, and any responses to Squirt Customer Service questions you have submitted:

If you choose not to add this address to your safe list, please be sure to check your junk or trash folder if you are waiting on mail from Squirt.org. 

Contacting Customer Service
If you have any billing related questions about Squirt, or wish to make a purchase of a Fan Club upgrade please call Squirt's billing support line. Billing support is available from 8:00am to 2:00am EST, including weekend and holidays, excluding December 25th.

Please call, toll free:

North America: 1 877 587 8649, United Kingdom: 0800 032 3665, Australia: 1 800 062 674

For assistance with other questions, including technical support, please click the Contact Us link at the bottom left corner of every Squirt page, to send a message to our Customer Service team.

Customer Service will reply within 8 hrs of receiving your email, if not sooner, to help get you Squirtin' again!