• Centennial Park

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    • City: Sydney
    • Neighbourhood: Bondi Junction
    • Address: Parkes Drive
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  • Description: There are at least TWO cruising areas in this park. The one beside Oxford Street, is on Carrington Drive and may be described as the northern beat. It is a nocturnal beat, largely because of its open nature and proximity to the boundary of the park. The entry to the night time, northern beat is on Oxford St, closest to Moncur Street. It is a large rectangular sports field, to the south of the field there is a stair case leading down into the park. At about 9pm, this is the meeting place. The swamp is quiet at this time and this becomes the beat when the swamp gets too dark.

    The only other cruising area is the central beat. This is in Dickens Drive.
    Dickens Drive bisects the cruising area which consists of a toilet block adjacent to a belt of trees to the north, and a paperbark (Melaleuca) forest called Lachlan Swamp to the south.