Hook up with hot gay men at Bunyaville Conservation Park in Aspley
  • Bunyaville Conservation Park

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    • City: Aspley
    • Neighbourhood: Albany Creek
    • Address: Old Northern Road
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  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: Very quiet. There are two areas that work. The first one is the toilet block on the right, follow the path over the little walking bridge and into the block, there’s 1 cubicle, the block is a about 200 meters from the car park, and you can hear people coming. If you stand on the toilet while getting sucked you can see the car park and will know well in advance if anyone’s heading your way. The second is further up the road about 100 meters up on the left, drive into the car park area and wait in your car for the signal, tap fingers, show interest. Then have some fun either beside the car or in the bushes nearby. Keep in mind families use this park so be discreet and clean up after yourselves. In the hot weather there could be snakes- not the good type so use caution when going into the bushes.