• Club X - Brunswick

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    • City: Brunswick
    • Neighbourhood: Brunswick
    • Address: 323 Sydney Road
  • Viewed: 163855
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Cruisy sex shop with upstairs viewing area - seating for 12. $17 Entry upstairs (valid for entry that day at all suburban Club X lounges).
    Cinema area is a fair size and probably larger than the cinema at Club X Preston. The seats are quite comfortable and can easily be moved around.(There are 12) There is an area that is quite secluded for the shy types. The lighting is cool not so dark as you can;t see (like some cinemas). It's more reminiscent of a nightclub as the light comes from the ground. There is a door leading to an outdoor balcony which has entry to a toilet. The outdoor area is ideal for smokers although discretion should be observed has you are visible to the outside public (not a place to wander around naked).