• Club X - Perth CBD

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    • City: Perth
    • Neighbourhood: CBD
    • Address: 114 Barrack Street
  • Viewed: 577686
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: This place is well laid out over two floors. Downstairs has coffee and R-rated video. Upstairs is the cruising area with six booths, two video booths, a maze and a small sauna. This venue is quiet, usually only 5-10 guys at any time. If you like bi men and are not into the crowds of the saunas, this is a good location in the central city. Towels are available on request, as well as a locker. Lube and condoms are provided. Generally the place is kept clean and tidy.
    Mixed crowd, mainly bi/married and straight but curious guys come in from the sex shop.

    Entry is now $14 or $22 for a room and cinema pass! Cinema is X rated.