Hook up with hot gay men at Fantasy Factory in Surrey
  • Fantasy Factory

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    • City: Surrey
    • Neighbourhood: Whalley
    • Address: 10740 King George Highway
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This location has 4 mini-theatres (lesbian/straight/tranny/gay) much like the store on Davie Street in Vancouver with these differences: It is newer and cleaner / The preview booths are in a different part of the store / They still have a token booth area / Chairs are hard plastic.

    There are 3 walls separating the 4 different theaters and you are free to move between the theaters through spaces in the walls. There are multiple machine made glortyholes in each wall. The preview booths are available in another area. For previews, you select a movie and they will play it for you for around 2 hours for $12.00.

    A sign indicates if you leave the store your preview is over, so it appears you can come and go inside the store without a problem. They also have a 3rd area which contains traditional token operated booths.