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  • Centennial Park

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    • City: Etobicoke
    • Neighbourhood: Etobicoke
    • Address: Centnnial Park Boulevard
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This park is huge. The Conservatory Complex (which is made up of four large greenhouses), just west of the Etobicoke Olympium, and located on Elmcrest Rnote that Elmcrest Road does not connect or have access to the main park thoroughfare, called Centennial Park Blvd. (which is actually the northern continuation of Mill Road, right through the park up to Eglinton Avenue Large park with multiple spots for car fun and outdoor fun.

    Spot #1: the best spot is the spot at the end of Elmcrest Rd, near the greenhouse. The parking lot at the end of the street is best during the day, and the parking lot nearest the greenhouse is the best at night. There are also washrooms near the lots.
    There are good outdoor spots in the woods across the field with the swing and slide. The side with the wooden fence is much more discrete. Seems to be the busiest spot, day and night.

    Spot #2: another popular spot is the parking lot across the street from the golf course on Centennial Park Blvd. Most people use this spot because of easy access to the woods nearest that lot. Truthfully, those woods are more risky then the woods at the Elmcrest spot, but seem to be quite popular nonetheless due to their close proximity to the parking lot.

    Spot #3: Go Kart/Batting cages parking lot. This spot is located along Centennial Park Blvd. Is a massive parking lot with plenty of space for car fun. There aren't any woods to walk out of your car and play, but it is for sure the most discrete spot for car fun. There's also the BMX lot just past this one, but cruisers don't cruise there very often.

    Spot #4: Behind the hockey arena. There is a large parking lot behind the hockey arena that connects to a forest. The parking lot, when not too busy is good for car fun, and the woods are not that great for outdoor fun. This spot generally doesn't get used but I have spotted some cruisers in the past.