• Central Spa

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    • City: Hamilton
    • Neighbourhood:
    • Address: 401 Main Street West
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  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: Main floor - 8 deluxe rooms, large adult movie room with big screen TV, and dark room with glory holes.
    Middle floor - 6 deluxe rooms, adult movie room with large bed and pillows (for group fun)
    Basement - 8 standard rooms, adult movie room with sling, hot tub, steam sauna, dry sauna, large open shower.

    Snacks, drinks, toys, and other essentials are available at the front desk.

    1 PERSON

    Locker $24.50

    Standard Room $30.25

    Deluxe TV (SINGLE BED) $36.00

    Deluxe TV (DOUBLE BED) $41.50

    Prices are for 6 hours

    12 hour rates available on request

    FreshMan Rates (18-24 yrs): Fifty Percent (50%) discount off the regular price at all times with valid government picture ID.