• Club 34

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    • City: Copenhagen
    • Neighbourhood: Central Train Station
    • Address: 34 Istedgade
  • Viewed: 10960
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Aimed at straight men (this is a sex shop with a bar on the top floor with topless barmaids, and themed porn cinemas, but no gay theater), there is action in the cinemas, notably the ground floor cinema past the till showing straight films. There are three other cinemas: domination/S&M on the ground floor which are very small but always empty, and another straight cinema on the first floor. To get to the latter, you need to go through the bar with the topless waitresses who will harass you, as they are actually prostitutes looking to make money. So if you don't want to be hassled, stay downstairs. Costs DKK 50 or around EUR 7 or USD 9 to enter the cinemas. You can move freely between the different cinemas while you are there.