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Erotic fiction has always been one of the most reliable ways to fuel our fap fantasies. There’s nothing hotter than reading about intense sexual encounters, whether they’re true life stories or just the fruits of some guy’s filthy imagination.

Here on, we’ve got thousands and thousands of erotic stories - all for your pleasure, all to help stimulate your fantasies. These stories have all been contributed by the members of - you’ll find them in the section called Cocktales.

Cocktales now available on mobile

Our Cocktales erotic fiction stories have been available for a while on the desktop version of, and we’ve now also been able to make them available on our mobile site. This means that wherever you are, you can pull out your phone, and fire up some filth whenever you need it.

How do I find Cocktales on mobile?

Just use the main drop-down menu and you’ll see Cocktales clearly listed. The stories are displayed with the most recently published at the top, so it’s always easy to see if there’s anything new to read.

Some of the other handy features in the way that Cocktales works is that you can comment on the stories that you’ve read - sometimes the comments can be almost as horny as the story itself. You can also click through to the profile of the guy that wrote the story - that way you can communicate directly and potentially arrange a hook-up to experience that filthy imagination first-hand.

What sort of erotic fiction is included in Cocktales?

Just about anything goes - as long as it’s legal. You’ll find all sorts of stories - everything from first-time experiences to reliving a particularly hot and steamy hook-up. A lot of the stories that our members submit relate to the sex that they have while using Squirt-org - whether that’s an encounter that they’ve had while cruising, all the details of a hook-up that they’ve had, their first time sucking a cock, or how they discovered that they really love getting fucked. It’s a great way for guys to share their experiences and their fantasies.

Can I submit a story to Cocktales?

Absolutely! We’d love to read about your experiences - tell us what you’ve been up to, tell us what turns you on - share your horny tales with other members.

Have a read of some of the stories already published in Cocktales. This will give you a sense of the types of things that guys are writing about, and you’ll see which stories are more popular than others.

Submitting a story is easy - just navigate to the Cocktales section and you’ll see the submit option there. The best way is to write the story out, check that it reads how you want, and then paste the text into to submit it. Try to keep it short and to the point - you’re not writing War and Peace, this is fap fiction, one-handed reading that needs to get the juices going and get right into the action.