• Stark Bollock Naked / Nearly Bollock Naked

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    • City: Lambeth
    • Neighbourhood: Vauxhall
    • Address: The Lightbox, 6A South Lambeth Place
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: SBN is a-naked Sunday afternoon sexfest (which segues into the evening underwear-optional Nearly Bollock Naked from 6pm, when underwear or jockstraps can be worn) - busier and bigger than ever having moved to the neighbouring Fire and Lightbox complex soon after their previous home at The Hoist for business over a year ago.

    Top fetish DJs Tony Latex and Lee Harris alternate control of the dance floor each week, Every week a packed club of over 400 naked guys are treated to a live stage show from some of porn’s most popular stars.

    Guest are welcomed by a friendly security team before moving on to the reception area where you’ll be given a bag for your clothes and valuables. Only take what you really need to - and don't forget to mute your mobile phone, which you must leave in the coat check, as standard.

    Admission is £14 members, £17 guests, which includes coat check and first drink, for which you will be given a token for the bar and a wrist-strap to match you with your baggage. You can pick up a plastic bag for any money you want to tuck into your sock for subsequent drinks.