• TJ Hughes

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    • City: Liverpool
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    • Address: 102 London Road
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  • Description: Toilet based in the TJ Hughes department store. They are based on the upper floor behind the till point. There are 3 large cubicles within the toilet and at least 2 urinals. The toilets are secluded from the store but users need to be mindful that they have to walk passed the till point to access them. Due to the nature of the layout and the age of the building, it is quite easy to tell when others are accessing the toilets. The lighting has been fitted with blue strip lighting to dissuade drug users from the toilets. They are checked on a regular basis by the security staff and also the cleaners, there is, however, a chart on the wall indicating when they were last checked and it is easy to work out the possible next check time. There are a variety of users that access these toilets, including shoppers within the store.