• Kingsford Country Park

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    • City: Kidderminster
    • Neighbourhood: Wolverley
    • Address: Kingsford Lane
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Note: as of July 2017 this park has been taken over by The National Trust and is undergoing renovations. A much increased police presence in the area due to complaints of indiscreet sexual activity.

    There is a car park with toilets as shown in the picture. Two cubicles, one with a peephole in the door, and a small shared urinal. Very discreet and out of the way place, not regularly visited by general public, always guys parked up in cars coming and going. Directly opposite the car park entrance is a small layby with a path leading onto a wooded area. Follow path going forwards for a few minutes then bearing right up the hill until you get to a gated area on your left with a sign warning not to enter. Climb over the fence, walk upwards towards the caves. This is a secluded area where cruising takes place often when toilets are busy with walkers.

    Facilities: On way to Kinver.