• Ettington Park

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    • City: Shipston-on-Stour
    • Neighbourhood: Warwickshire
    • Address: Newbold on Stour
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  • Description: This area is broken up into several separate spots along the road that runs from the A3400 near Ettington Park Hotel up and around to the A429 Halford to Ettington road.
    The official map names for these spots are Wardshill Coppice, Soltshole Coppice, Staunchill Wood and Willoughby Covert. The Ettington Park Hotel grounds are NOT part of the cruising area, and the picture shown of the hotel is therefore misleading.
    There are a number of small parking bays with woods to the side. One set of parking bays is near a public footpath that runs parallel to the woods. There is also a longer layby at the A429 end of the road with more woods to the side and easy access through the trees via gaps in the fence.