• Universita Statale

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    • City: Milan
    • Neighbourhood: Crocetta - Missori MM3 Metro Yellow Line Stops
    • Address: Via Lentasio
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Two sets of toilets on the ground floor. One with 4 cubicles in a line (not the cruisiest). The other has 8 cubicles. Neither of these have urinals. The third floor has 2 or 3 sets of toilets. One only as 2 cubicles has rarely has any action. One (possibly on the second floor) is really horny and cozy, three cubicles. It's possible to stand in the right hand one and stroke your dick whilst someone is washing their hands they can see you in the mirror - nice turn on.
    The other 3-cubicled toilet on the 3rd floor is really cruisy.