• Rainbow Club Thermas

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    • City: Pescara
    • Neighbourhood: Montesilvana
    • Address: Viale Europa 10
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  • Rating: 2 Rating: 2 star 100
  • Description: I paid 8 Euros to get in, no membership required. Admission included a drink and some snacks announced by bell and everyone got a plate full of food. Only open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 4 until midnight. Neighborhood is safe with plenty of street parking. Once buzzed in, you have to climb a flight of stairs to access the club. It's a little better than the website pics, but not much. There's a small locker room. A three man shower but only two work, no way to control water temp. The steam room is non functional. The sauna is big and works. The bar area has a blaring TV - no disco music. Behind a barrier is a hot tub that is barely filled with water and barely warm. There is an outdoor seating\lounge area with sheets for privacy. Small area of maybe 10 smaller rooms with mattresses. One of these has three glory holes. The porno theater squeezes in 4 and opens to another private room with a mattress. One toilet and bidet.