• Jomtien Beach - Dong Tan Beach

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    • City: Pattaya
    • Neighbourhood:
    • Address: Jomtiensainueng
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  • Description: If you do not like the sun, there are plenty of large umbrellas covering the beach. You can rent a lounge chair under the umbrellas for the entire afternoon for 20 baht. Food and beverages can be purchased at the beach. The boys at the beach are free-lancers and some who work in the bars at night.

    Facilities: A few miles south of Pattaya. Take a "Baht Bus" from Pattaya for 20 Bah (shared open back taxi). Or 200 Baht for sole use. As you come down the hill into Jomtien press the buzzer and get out just as it turns the corner / hits the beach. Walk past the Seven-Eleven and Bookazine, past BB Guesthouse. The gay area starts at BB Guesthouse and goes about 500m. The best places are in front of Rabbit Resort. Pay 30 Baht for a beach chair for the day. They will also arrange drinks and lunch for you (pay your bill at end of day to the host). Free WIFI available too. Suggest looking for Adam Beach (each 50m section of the beach is run by a different family). Ice cold coconuts 25 baht. beer or other drinks available too. Passing masseurs will charge from 150 Baht to 300 baht for massage on your sun lounge or on your towel under trees behind. Non sexual massage. But if you like your masseur you can arrange to meet him later, or take to your hotel. Plenty of passing traders selling everything from fresh fruit to poppers and fake viagra, as well as gay porn. True shopping services for the gay customer.