• Aniki Club

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    • City: Taipei
    • Neighbourhood: Datong District
    • Address: No 11, Ningxia Road
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  • Rating: 5 Rating: 5 star 100
  • Description: In addition to the sauna, Aniki provides an onsite hotel and massage services in very nice rooms/suites. Each of the suites is equipped with independent shower. Music with natural sounds flowing out from Yamaha stereo system brings you to the full relaxation. Japanese brand "TOTO" computer-controlled wash let is also equipped in the restroom. Day use of Aniki suites is available from 2pm to 12am every day. The period from 12am to 12pm is reserved for overnight guests. Check the Aniki web site for details of parties and special events. It is, as are many saunas, located in the basement, and includes a large but shallow swimming pool, a hot pool and a cold pool. There's also a couple of steam rooms, an oven, sleeping rooms and a small bar.

    NT$1000 / 16 hours
    (special holiday rate adjustment to be announced)

    Maintenance Day- 2nd Tuesday Every Month
    No Service 8am-6pm