• Hoag Hospital Toilets

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    • City: Irvine
    • Neighbourhood: near Spectrum
    • Address: 16200 Sand Canyon Avenue
  • Viewed: 8393
  • Rating: 2 Rating: 2 star 100
  • Description: Cruisy washrooms.
    Ground floor men’s, near cafeteria.
    The men's room is on the ground level, down a side hall off the main lobby. The lobby level has two floors, ground and subterranean. The cafeteria is below ground, but people wander up to the ground level from there, and use this facility. Cafeteria level can get too busy, but ground level is quiet enough for encounters. Inside, there are two doors, both make noise for good alerting, and there are several stalls with room for under-stall action. Relatively safe for out of stall action, too, as long as you remain a few steps from a stall, and duck back inside when the first door opens.