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    If you're looking to find some hotties that are down to fuck during their study break, here is where these scholastic males go to get fucked in D.C.:
  1. Asbury Hall South at American University - To get there, take the Tenleytown Metro and follow directions to Nebraska Avenue; the best times are 5–8 pm on weekdays. Parking is tricky, but there are garages available. The action happens in the basement bathrooms between the toilets and occasionally at the urinals.
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  1. Crew Club - This place is a popular M2M hookup spot in D.C. with porn playing, gym facilities, and free condoms/lube. The best times are Tuesday for young and hot crowds and late nights on Friday and Saturday. Half-price rooms on weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Free admission and locker for ages 18-24.