• Fairmont Theater

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    • City: New Haven
    • Neighbourhood: Annex
    • Address: 33 Main Street Annex
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This is a cinema theater that is set up. As you enter, you go up a slight ramp to the ticket counter that is behind glass. The main theater has two entry points -- to the left is for male/female couples only and the right is for single people (meaning mostly men). The theater now has a wall built down the one-third of the theater all the way to the front. This allows couples unencumbered watching (or playing). You can see over the wall from the "singles" side, but you cannot gain entry to the couples side. On the single side of the theater there are about 40 seats in two sections -- the center section and the right section. In the back of the theater, near the singles entrance, they have built a wall floor to ceiling that guys can stand in and play around.

    In addition, there is a secondary theater (basically a small room) at the front of the building that features gay movies. There are about 12 seats. Again, there is a small standing area where guys play at times. In September 2015, entry on a Sunday cost $10 for both theaters. Wednesday night 5p-11p the gay theater shows TG/TS movies.

    There were mostly older guys there on a Sunday afternoon near 3pm.