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Jacksonville, Florida: a place filled with gay sex, and yes, public sex, if you know where to look. Suppose you’re a local visiting from another part of Florida or another great state in the USA. In that case, is the best gay hookup website to find other local males looking for some fun sans clothing and plenty of bareback dick.

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Can I Gay Cruise Safely in Jacksonville, Florida?

Yes, you can gay cruise safely in Florida. Still, it's essential to be aware of the varying levels of acceptance and the political climate towards the LGBTQ community in certain areas. Major cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Key West are generally more accepting. While Jacksonville does have a gay community, like anywhere you plan to cruise outdoors and in public, discretion is advised. is built by users like you who want to fuck and suck all the live- long day but understand the importance of being informed of increased police activity or danger. Stay informed and use resources like's cruising directories to find the most accurate and up-to-date information on gay cruising grounds in the state of Florida, as well as the best places to find dick no matter the time or place.

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    If you're on the prowl for hot jocks with thick dicks and an academic edge, you'll be pleased to know that college males get on for some all-male fun; log on to near the following horny colleges in Jacksonville:
  1. University of North Florida - UNF males are DTF. If you log onto and see who is nearby, you're bound to hook a sophomore looking for a study break where they cram something else besides chemistry notes.
  2. Jacksonville University - Find local hotties who want to play by getting on; don't be surprised to see some of these cruising college seniors at nearby cruising hot spots like Huffman Park or the GATE gas station rest stop.
    Florida weather means all-year-round outdoor fucking is possible, and has some hot parks where members go for the best outdoor fucking and sucking sessions, including:
  1. University of North Florida Nature Trails - There are secluded nature trails at UNF frequented by all types of guys. The best times to go are mid-day to evening during the week and anytime during the weekend. Parking enforcement hours are Monday-Thursday, 7 am-6 pm, and Friday, 7 am-5 pm. The main trail is called the Goldenrod Trail, and partial nudity is acceptable if it is far enough away from the main trail. members report rarely any law enforcement or school personnel on the trails.
  2. Bert Maxwell Park - A small park and boat ramp off Broward Road; it attracts various types of people and is known for discreet encounters. The park has individual bathrooms without surveillance cameras, providing privacy for hookups. To get there, take the Broward Road exit off I-95 and turn left onto Broward Road. At the end of the road, turn right onto Maxwell Road, which leads to the park. The best times for cruising are during lunch and in the afternoon. Be cautious and find a way to signal discreetly, as fishermen are in the area.
  3. Lions Club Boat Ramp - City-owned park with nature trails and 24/7 unlocked public restrooms; the park has recently been discovered as a discreet cruising spot. Head north on University Blvd N and turn left onto Richard Denby Gatlin Rd. The park is quiet and empty in the middle of the night, making it an excellent spot for anonymous hookups. However, it is advised to be cautious as a JSO officer is living on-site.
  4. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park - Take A1A past Mayport Rd, just before Naval Base, to get there. Weekday afternoons are the best time to visit to avoid beach traffic. Watch for guys entering the beach. The restroom at parking lot 6/7 is the cruisiest spot..
  5. Mandarin Park - The park restroom is busy at lunchtime, and the after-work crowd prefers the trails. Most men looking for a hookup can be found on the benches around the informational exhibit and the trails. The park is located on Mandarin Road, and the best times to visit are weekdays from 11 am to 3 pm. Be cautious of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office officers, who may patrol the area near the tennis courts and randomly check the bathrooms by the playground.
  6. The Beach and Peach Urban Bike Park - This park has long trails, trees, and lakes but no restrooms. It is open to everyone, including families with kids and pets, so be discreet and ensure no nudity in public areas. It is best to visit on weekdays during the day, and members do not recommend going late at night. You can meet people to play with by being in your car, at the pavilions and benches, or walking around until you make contact.
  7. Gourd Island Conservation Area - This public conservation area has a large parking lot that can be a popular spot for cruising; all kinds of people go there, including hikers, on weekends. To get there, take I-95 to 210 and go east until you reach Russel Sampson Road. Look for people waiting, playing in their cars, or heading out on the trail. If someone looks back when you pass them, they are probably there to cruise, too. The area is open at any time.
  8. Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park - Lots of trees and privacy where people can find spots to get naked. The park attracts Navy men, college guys from FCCJ, and married businessmen. The cruisiest spot is the restroom and trails on the left side of the entrance roadway. However, be cautious of heavy police activity at this site.
    If you're looking for a rowdy night out when you take a credit card and a travel bottle of lube, there are some great places to go out in Jacksonville and the surrounding area, including:
  1. Park Place Lounge - A neighborhood bar with a welcoming and inclusive space where friends can relax and connect.
  2. Hardwick's - Known to have an excellent friendly service and drinks at this local LGBT bar; find some males looking to flirt and then some.