• Oakhurst County Forest Preserve

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    • City: Aurora
    • Neighbourhood: Aurora Middle Class Quiet Neighbourhood
    • Address: 1680 5th Ave Aurora, IL 60504 United States
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  • Description: Oakhurst County Forest Preserve is a local part to the Aurora area in Illinois. It is located less than three miles away from the popular Phillips Park Zoo. The Oakhurst County Forest Preserve has an audience of the college to older variety, making it ideal and safer to meet people in contrast to other parks in the area. The park has a team around a lake and a big hill to climb, but the action happens on the off side. The park features a big forest area friendly to those who like to wonder off with others occasionally. With a big area that has a ton of surprisingly enclosed spaces, it is the ideal scene to meet up with someone safely without getting caught. There are also restrooms next to pavilions which can be great to meet in during the week, when they are less likely to be in used by party groups.