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Whether you’re on the hunt for a long-term relationship or no string attached casual sex, dating apps shouldn’t make it hard to find what you’re looking to score.

Millions of users online looking for a one-night stand and online dating turn to the internet to find a potential match. However, when finding hot gay men in cities like Chicago in the United States, only can give you what you need to find local hotties down to have some flip-fucking fun. Here’s how to get the best hookup experience with in Chicago.

Gay Bars in Chicago

If you’re looking to get down on the dance floor, tune into an episode of Drag Race or just hang with some fellas in a place where you know the drink specials, Chicago is a town where you can let your hair down and meet some guys beyond your smartphone.

However, if you’re new to the city, it’s hard to know what places gay men frequent and where to find them. Squirt’s cruising directories help you find bars and clubs, not just cruising locations like parks, rest stops and naughty bookstores.

For example, in the long-established bar Cell Block, you can find puppies, bears, twinks, leather men and even queer women every night of the week. Plus, the back room includes all the fun you would expect. But don’t take our word for it; see what our valued members are saying:

“This place is WILD in the back room! Like a big orgy. Hot, sweaty, mostly naked suck and fuckfest! Crazy!!! Wow”

“I'm wanting to go to strip pool night Tuesday, anyone else going?”

Next on your list, check out Jackhammer. While Jackhammer saw a closure during the pandemic, the crew is back with plenty of naughty fun downstairs and in the backroom. Chicago is known as the windy city, and with on your mobile, you can catch a breeze for all the good times that can happen across the city and between gay men.

Gay Bathhouses in Chicago

If you’re looking to work up a sweat at a local gay sauna in Chicago, there are plenty of local bathhouses to open yourself up to some ass-eating fun. After getting up to some trouble at the local bars, why not head to Steamworks Chicago? Get a pump at the gym before getting pumped in other ways. Don’t just take our word for it; hear from our beloved Squirt members on what they have to say:

“Pumped up my muscles in the gym until 8 pm. Got off at 845 pm after receiving a nice BJ and plenty of muscle fondling that primed my cum pump.”

“Second floor area by the bench near the sling had 5 couples (10 guys) fucking. It was shoulder to shoulder. They all worked up a sweat and the musk smell of the sex going on was amazing to experience.”

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    Gay males across Chicago love getting sweaty on the main gym room floor but getting a workout after in the locker room with a couple of guys. Here are some top local gyms in Chicago where gay men go to play:
  1. Xsport Fitness (Lakeview) - A cruising hotspot that promises a lot of action in the locker room on N. Ashland Avenue; also, check out the West Logan Boulevard location of Xsport for another chance to have some hot male action.
  2. Esporta Fitness in Rogers Park - members promise horny daddies in the locker room showers at this Marshfield Avenue location; head here in the morning to get some men who want a little anonymous relief before heading to work.
  3. Life Time Fitness - This luxury gym in River North at One Chicago features a whirlpool that lets you check out the man candy before heading to the sauna. members promise lots of eye candy on weekends and weekday evenings.
  4. Esporta Fitness on N Clark Street - Leave your shower curtain open or touch yourself in the sauna to see if other guys want to play at this hot and horny gym spot.
  5. Lakeview Athletic Club - Large locker room with steam room, dry sauna, and showers are individual stalls with frosted glass doors for private fun at this N Broadway gym.
  6. LA Fitness on Kedzie Ave. - The showers and sauna are popular areas for action; when you see someone walking around naked and showing off, that’s usually an indicator that they’re looking for fun.
    If you're eager to unwind after a challenging exam with some even harder cock, plenty of college sophomores use to find the best places to meet on campus; this includes:
  1. Loyola University Water Tower Campus - Many guys frequent this campus building looking for someone whose eyes say: "let's fuck!" Also, close to other cruisy spots, such as the Whole Foods bathroom near the State Street Subway and the 2nd-floor toilet in the lobby of the Sofitel near North Wabash Avenue.
  2. University of Illinois at Chicago - Plenty of places on this campus to play, including the 2nd-floor men's room at the Science and Engineering Labs building, the 2nd-floor bathroom in Stevenson Hall and the Behavioral Sciences Building promises many cruising washrooms to play.
  3. DePaul University - The Loop Campus enjoys rowdy males taking a break from hitting the books to hit on some eligible gay males nearby. As a student, you can access some of the secret cruise spots on the campus, such as the 11th-floor bathroom in the O'Malley building of the DePaul College of Law.
    If you're looking for some sexy social situations before you start fucking, check out these bars and bathhouses in Chicago near you:
  1. Steamworks Chicago - While Chicago offers some co-ed bathhouses to unwind, if you're looking for hot anonymous cock in a men's-only venue, check out the ubiquitous Steamworks franchise in Chicago, where plenty of men frequent to find gay anonymous sex.
  2. Cell Block - In Boystown on Halsted Street, this club recently returned their back room, so there are plenty of ways to play with men who want a little sucking action between beers and martinis.
  3. Jackhammer - Two bars, several floor levels and dance floors, darts and a pool table to enjoy clean fun before you get dirty.
  4. Second Story - A cash-only local gay bar that gets a usual crowd; think Cheers, where everyone might know your name or at least another attribute you want to display.
  5. Touché - On North Clark Street, this easy-going leather bar beside Jackhammer means you can flutter between the spaces until you find what you want.
    If you're looking for a hung cock at the urinal and salivate at the idea of some risky sex, getting off on the thrill of getting caught, check out these popular washroom cruising spots in Chicago:
  1. Ogilvie Transportation Center - The first-floor bathroom of the train station is a popular spot that members can't get enough of; enter the train station from the Madison Avenue entrance and find the men's bathroom to the left.
  2. 11th and Columbus Restroom - If you need a quick jerk-off session, this restroom in Southern Grant Park near the 11th Street pedestrian bridge is perfect for summer weekend fun.
  3. Millennium Park on E Randolph Street - Underneath the Jay Pritzker Pavilion (also called the Great Lawn), you'll find side-by-side urinals and several stalls with lower dividers for privacy while you hunt for action.
  4. DSW Restroom - Just off North Clark Street, the back of the store bathroom promises a good time if you're looking for some understall play.
  5. Endcliffe Park - One of the larger parks in Sheffield, you'll find plenty of opportunities to cruise local guys and find a place where the risk of getting caught only makes it hotter.
  6. The JW Marriott Chicago - Located on W Adams Street, the public bathroom is in the lobby, at the furthest southeast corner of the entrance and promises a hot and sleazy good time for washroom cruising enthusiasts.
  7. Bill Jarvis Bird Sanctuary - Head here on a weekday morning and head into the thick shrubbery off the path to find a mix of guys looking for cock-sucking fun.
  8. Dan Ryan Woods - Just off W 87th Street, find gay men in the woods late on a hot summer night who can't wait to get it on with men like you.
  9. Marquette Park - On Kanst Drive, across the bridge, the one close to Holy Cross Hospital, find many hidden places–again, nighttime is your time–where you can have some anonymous male fun.
  10. Wooded Island Jackson Park - Many males of all ages go off the middle path to find some men who want to tap into some naughty outdoor gay sex. Park on the lot, then explore in the early evening for a delicious treat.