• Exotic Adult Books

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    • City: Roselle
    • Neighbourhood: Airport
    • Address: 514 Congress Circle North
  • Viewed: 1074333
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: The video selection has on demand type system that allows any booth to play any video. You choose the genre (Gay, Straight, etc) then the movie from touchscreen. You can pause, rewind, fast forward, and control volume. Each 25¢ credit buys 30 seconds of video or 2 minutes per dollar. There are a few larger booths with large screens which require at least a $5 bill to start but then operate at the same rate.

    Glory holes were closed a couple years ago on orders from the town and remain closed. Don't expect them back. The black lights they had up for a time are also long gone.