• Lover's Playground

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    • City: Burlington
    • Neighbourhood: West Burlington
    • Address: 421 Dry Creek Avenue
  • Viewed: 58080
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Arcade has 4 preview booths, 10 regular booths. All booths are modular, not along the walls, take tokens. There are 3 pairs of twin booths, 2 of which have a "buddy window". 4 single booths, one of which is large enough and accessible by wheelchair. There is a soda machine and a change machine in the arcade, so you don't have to go back out to the clerk. Off street parking for about 10 vehicles out front. Booths have a selector, 20 movies playing, both gay and straight. Bench seats are padded and very comfortable. Buddy window operated by re button in booth, both must be pressed for the window to clear.