• DC's Adult Video

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    • City: Horse Cave
    • Neighbourhood: Horse Cave
    • Address: 845 Flint Ridge Road
  • Viewed: 472833
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: The front of the place is an adult shops. You will see a sign and a locked door marked PeepShows and Theater. It cost 20 bucks a person to enter everytime. Both theaters also have cushioned chairs lining the walls, in case the couches are full of people. All of it is very clean and maintained daily. This is an adult store located on a busy stretch of interstate and can get pretty busy. Once inside there is an area where are multiple booths, most of which have glory holes. No additional money is required for the arcade once inside. There are 2 theatre areas, one that is large with many couches, playing straight porn. A smaller theatre shows gay porn. You are allowed to smoke in the arcade area and they do have a bathroom and a pop machine. There is no in/out privileges. If you leave you pay again.