Hook up with hot gay men at Grosse Tete Shell Station in Baton Rouge
  • Grosse Tete Shell Station

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    • City: Baton Rouge
    • Neighbourhood: Grosse Tete
    • Address: 17545 Sidney Road
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  • Rating: 1 Rating: 1 star 100
  • Description: Two restrooms are located inside the building. One in the convenience store portion, the other in the Subway restaurant portion. The trough urinals allow great views and many times you will catch the guy next to you peeking and stroking. The restroom in the Subway allows more time to recover if you decide to play. A cast majority of the guys using the restrooms are not there to play so please be respectful. This gas station is located in a very rural area so it's easy to find somewhere else to play if you want to do more.