• YMCA

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    • City: Hagerstown
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    • Address: 1100 Eastern Boulevard
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  • Description: The locker room is adults only, 18 and older. There is access to 2 adults only steam rooms. The locker room is always busy and most guys don't even bother with a towel. The complete nudity in itself is worth the 30 dollars a month membership. The dry steam room is the best place to hang out and interact with the men. Don't be afraid to talk to the other guys. Ask general questions like, "how are you", "how long have you been coming here", "have you been to the pool yet", and you'll soon pick up on whether he's looking for more or looking for his own privacy. Also, from the dry steam room you have a perfect view directly into the open showers. In the dry steam room if you see a guy stroke at his penis more than once he's letting you know he's interested. Same as in the showers. A lot of the guys come into the Y just for the steam rooms, and go back and forth from the steam rooms, to showers, and back to the steam rooms. The wet steam room is full of steam and harder to see who is in there as well as more difficult to talk without shouting over the steam vents. It's best to meet a man in the dry steam and then go to the wet steam to do more. The steam is so thick that, even if someone else is in there, you still can't see across the room. Perfect for touching. But it's best if you meet someone to hook up with, suggest going to their house or yours. Hope to see you there!