• Older Restroom Facility West I-94

  • Website link: No website link provided
    • City: Chesterfield
    • Neighbourhood: Rural
    • Address: 1.5 mi north of 26
  • Viewed: 102140
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This is not a park. Its a very busy truck stop area with 1/3 being auto passengers and predominant truckers. Very horny truckers at that. Park with visual at trucks. Truckers lookin for action will walk to restroom and intentionally look at vehicles to indicate they are looking. 2 stalls- 1 handicapped large enough for a small orgy. 1stall very small but partition right next to foot tapping guys at urinals. Evenings are safer than days (7-4pm) not good for long sessions. Janitors are very nosey and pick-up on cruisers and will call cops. Daytime action in the vehicle in winter, picnic area, and wooded area in summer is best. Lots of cruisers, young and old. Daytime quickies of both truckers and cars is happening. If you are discreet, really horny, and have a good game plan than you can make it happen.