• Escape Adult Bookstore

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    • City: Detroit
    • Neighbourhood: Warrendale
    • Address: 18728 West Warren Avenue
  • Viewed: 747533
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This place has just been remodeled on the outside, and the parking lot has been repaved. Also it is really clean on the inside. The screens are clean, the bathroom is always clean. the front book and movie area is well lit and free to browse. No glory holes, but just leave your door cracked for guest. The real action is in the back room. About six booths and real dark foyer area where all the queers hang and can see all the booths. Parade past the horny, drooling studs and enter any of the booths. Admission to 21 years and older. It is $5 to get in, $2 for cover, $3 in tokens. Security cameras installed and pointed towards parking lot for security of patrons.